United States Tourist Spots

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The United States of America prides itself of being the leader of the world. Though it has faced some major economic blows over the last few years, but still it is the greatest superpower and one of most technologically advanced nations on earth. This huge nation has been a major attraction for the tourists, spread all over its 50 states.

Cost of a vacation varies from state to state. As USD is a very strong currency one might find visiting here costly, though in reality it is not that costly. Cheap hotels from thirty to fifty dollars are available everywhere. Transportation is also very convenient, and easy to move from one place to another, and they are very cheap as well.

United States is one of the most diverse nations in the world and one would clearly see that in its wide array of restaurants and comparative inexpensive food collection. Climate here also differs from state to state as this is a huge country of more than three hundred and eighteen million people.

There are hundreds of tourist spots, amusement parks, architectural landmines, theme parks, shopping malls and museums to go through. From the astonishment of Empire State Building in New York to the excitements of Disney World in Orlando, and then there is glamorous Miami and the dazzling city of Vegas.

This country is the birth place of numerous legendary tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

Politically the country is constantly in the center of the media. People here take pride in the democratic government system of theirs; some might find it a little bit too much. However the country is stable and safe to visit.

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