Sri Lanka Tourist Spots

‘Pearl of the orient’-Sri Lanka has become a great attraction for tourists all over the world for many reasons. Even there was a 30-year long civil war in that region; still there hadn’t been any incident of any tourist being subject to violence or terrorism.

The country offers a very pleasant weather and great cuisine. The temperature doesn’t fluctuate much throughout the year. Though there are frequent rainfall and occasional storms and flood in the summer. The best time visit there is in the winter season when it is dry and cold.

The transportation system in Sri Lanka is also very organized and cheap unlike a lot of other South Asian countries. Hotels are unbelievably inexpensive and provide a top class service. The average cost of five-star hotels is just 160 dollars, which is way cheaper than any American or European country.

The economic growth of this country is very visible. Over the last few years, there was an average of more than 6% growth. The currency of Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan Rupee or LKR. One USD equals 146 LKR.

There are some incidents of occasional dengue fevers, and in the long summer weather remains a bit unpredictable. Tourists are advised to learn about the weather and climate before visiting there in the summer season.

Cities of Sri Lanka