India Tourist sports

India is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the world, more precisely 20th. This sector has contributed a total of 113 Billion USD to the economy in 2013.

The country is huge in size and population, and that’s why not everywhere is the same. The government is working very hard and fast to make the major tourist attractions more easily accessible.

It would not be wrong if someone said the history actually lived in this region. The country is brimming with historical sites, myths and stories. The best time to visit there is in the winter season. There is no shortage of good hotels in the tourist-magnet areas. A lot of people speak English, and again a lot of people don’t. The economic difference between the rich and poor is quite troubling. Transpiration system is also better than a lot of countries in the region as the travelers are presented with verities of inexpensive options. 1 USD equals 67 Rs, which makes USD a very desirable currency.

Food options in India are overwhelming. But be careful about the cleanliness and the amount of spice you are able to process. Do not drink directly from the tap, try to use mineral water as the water condition is not good.

Police are not very famous for their service and often try to take bribes from foreigners or anyone for that matter. Be advised, there have been some gruesome rapes and murders of women in recent past (in public transports). Be aware of cons and crooks while traveling around and especially during the night.

Cities of India