Sunamganj Tourist Spots

Officially established by Sipahi Sunamuddin as a market by the river Surma, Sunamganj has come a long way from the time of its inception from the ancient times. It was originally part of the Laur kingdom that was later conquered by Gaurh in the 12th century. Hazrat Shahjalal and his followers, later on, spread Islam based on this region. On the northern and eastern side Sunamganj is bordered by Sylhet division; on the southern side, it is bound by Habiganj District and on the western side of Netrokona district. Sunamganj has also some of the major rivers in Bangladesh intersecting through it. Check out most popular tourist spots in Sunamganj.


You can get budget hotels are in Sunamganj Bazar. We would suggest you stay here because of best restaurants are available in this area.


Being part of Sylhet, the communication system in in this region is very good. Currently, bus transpiration and indirect air travel options are available. Most transport operators provide bus services from Dhaka to Sunamganj with the average ticket price being between Bdt. 370 to Bdt. 470. By bus, the journey takes about 6 hours. One can fly over to Sylhet by plane and then travel by bus to Sunamganj also. Plane fare ranges from BDT 3000 to BDT 5000.


There is no particular food item worth mentioning in Sunamgnj. But you could find some decent restaurants with regular food items at a reasonable price.
Just like the other districts, the local transportation is comprised of mostly rickshaws and auto rickshaws and if long distance traveling is required, buses could be acquired.

Tourist spots of Sunamganj


Home Of Shah Abdul Karim

Shah Abdul Karim is one of the most prominent folk musicians of Bangladesh. He was born in Sunamganj and lived most of his life there as he was also an agriculturist besides being a renowned musician of the Bengali culture. His house is located at the Ujan Dhol village of Derai thana in Sunamganj. After his death in 2009, his house has been turned into a small museum in his honor by his followers. How to get there? As mentioned before, Shah Abdul Karim’s house is located in Ujan Dhol village of Derai Thana in Sunamganj. To go there one must first travel to Derai by bus. Once arriving there, a rickshaw could be hired to visit the late musician’s home.
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Pagla Jame Masjid

The Pagla Jame Masjid is one of the oldest Mughal architectures in Sunamganj as well as in Bangladesh. It was built in the 17th century though there is a lack of records by whom. Unlike many mosques, it has been renovated through time; as a result, its beauty still shines through like new. The mosque can house 1000 namazees at a time and is used as an eid gah. It has three domes and 6 minarets from all sides. How to get there? The Pagla Jame Masjid is located at Raipur village of West Pagla thana of Shunamganj. To get to the location one has to first travel to Raipur by CNG or by bus. Once Raipur is reached a van or rickshaw can be hired to visit the mosque.
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Lawrergor is a beautiful scenic spot that is often preferred by honeymoon couples and foreign tourists. The location is filled with lush greenery and clear water. There are also cottages on stilts built on the river which can be rented. The overall ambiance of the location is very nice and accommodation is also cheap. It is very ideal for short vacations. There is also many variations in weather due to being in close approximate to the Indian border. How to get there? Lawrergor is located in Tahirpur upazilla of Sunamganj. One has to first travel to Tahirpur from Sunamganj by bus. From there one can take a boat ride to Lawrergor bazaar to reach the location.
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Pailgaon Zamindar Bari

Pailgaon Zamindarbari is one of the most renowned tourist locations in Sunamganj. It was built about 300 years ago under the then zamindars of the region. The last zamindar to reside her was Brajendra Narayan Chowdhury. The zamindar bari primarily exhibits local architecture but later renovations led to the integration of British features in the architecture. Due to its unique architecture, it is often visited by tourists. How to get there? The Pailgaon zamindar bari is located in Pailgaon union under Jagannathpur upazilla of Sunamganj. One has to first travel to Jagannathpur by bus to visit this location. From there a rickshaw or van can be hired to visit the location.
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Hason Raja Museum

Hason Raja is probably the most illustrious folk singer and philosopher in Bangladeshi culture and history. He was born in the Rampasha village of Bishwanath Union of Sunamganj. He was first brought into prominence when Rabindranath Tagore mentioned him in his lectures at the Oxford University of England. The house is currently a tourist spot with many of the things Hason Raja used in his lifetime used as the display. How to get there? As mentioned above, Hason Raja’s house is at Rampasha village of Bishwanath Union of Sunamganj. To visit this location one has to first travel to Biswanath from Sunamganj by bus. After reaching there a van can be hired to visit the location.
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Astagram Haor

Astagram Haor is one of the unique haors in the country due to the presence of micro-islands inside the haor. During monsoon, it gets connected with some nearby haors due to the rise in water level. People live and cultivate the land on the small islands in the Haor. How to get there ? Due to its geographical uniqueness the only way to visit this haor is by renting a boat. One can go to Kuliar char from Sunamganj using a CNG and hire a boat from there. The fare will depend on the extent of distance traveled during the trip.
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