Kuakata Tourist Spots

Kuakata or proudly referred as ‘Daughter of the Sea’ is located in the southern part of Bangladesh. This city has one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world, and that has made this place a great attraction for the tourists all over the world.

It is better to visit Kuakata in the winter seasons. Well, I think I should go a little further and advise you very strongly against a summer trip. Traveling in Bangladesh in summer is not a good idea anyway, but traveling in Kuakata in rainy season is just dangerous. If you really need to get here during the rainy season try to avoid traveling by launches. There had been too many accidents in last few years.


Even though this city is a major tourist attraction the road that leads to the city is not great. The journey is two parted. First, you need to come to Barishal. From Dhaka, only one bus company provides transportation services directly to Barishal, and it is called Shakura Poribohon. But there are numerous launch services available. This part of the journey is easy and pleasant, but once you reach Barishal you need to take another bus to Kuakata. The Barishal-Kuakata road is in a very bad shape nowadays and it would take at least five hours to reach the city.


The average hotel prices are cheap. You can easily find an $8-$10 accommodation near the beach area. In off seasons you might score some discounts but not that much.
The city is small and like the rest of the country (except Dhaka) completely traffic jam free. You can walk, or take rickshaw trips to short distances. To go to attractions located a bit far from the main town you need to take motor vehicles. There some Jeeps available that can take you in those places and you can share the vehicle with other people which make the traveling very inexpensive. As the place is very small so it is a really personal choice where you choose to stay and also the cost of accommodation is very low. You can stay at the Holiday Homes on the Barishal-Patuakhali road which is also close to the beach. You can find a very nice room for $5-$8 there.


Cost of food is also low here. It is possible to have three great meals a day costing less than $10. Do not forget to taste some delicious Hilsha fry.

Tourist spots of Kuakata


Kuakata Sea Beach

This is the top attraction of the city. This long and beautiful beach offers a wonderful view of sun rise and sun set. Traveling there is very easy. You can either go there by walk or take a rickshaw from Holiday Homes, or from anywhere within the town. Cost should be 15-20 Taka. When you are on the beach you will find some travel guides with motorcycles and photo albums. They will show you photos of various tourist attractions nearby and you can hire them to visit all of those places. Cost starts from 200-250 taka/hour. You need to negotiate and find a suitable one in terms of hour, kilometers and number of sights you want to visit.
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Gangamati Mangrove Forest

This place is 7 Km from the beach. Be careful while walking around or in it as there are some plants with small thorns that might hurt you. From beach you can hire a bike costing around 500 Taka for a round trip.
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Misripara Village

This place is around 9 Km far from the beach and home of a lot of Rakhain people. It has a Buddhist temple with a 30 feet long Buddha patiently waiting here. Motorcycle is the only option to get there and road will not be pleasant.
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Rakhain Market

Near the beach area is located this market. You can buy some inexpensive handcrafted items and handmade cigars. There is one famous alcoholic drink called Mohua which is quite well known in the area.
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Fatra’s Chor

This is an extended part of the famous Sundarbans, which is the only Mangrove forest in the southern part of Asia. You can get here by speed boats. The journey should take around an hour. After you reach there you need to take permission from the authority to enter. There are some agencies that arrange tours to this place.
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