Cox’s Bazar tourist spots

Cox’s bazar is the most attractive and most visited tourist spot of Bangladesh; located by the majestic blue ocean of Bay of the Bengal, around 150 Km south of Chittagong with world’s longest natural beach of 125 Km in it. Rainy season is never a great idea to visit a city so close to the sea. In the off-season, you would get some great deals at hotel prices though. But there is frequent rainfall and occasional storms hit the city hard. The best time to visit Bangladesh is in the winter season when the temperature remains in the range of 10-25 degree Celsius, between the months of November to February; BUT you could go for a September trip. At this time of the year winter starts to settle in, but still, this is an off-peak time.

Budget or Luxury Hotels?

There is a Hotel Motel Zone near the main town; you can find their lots of world-class hotels, costing around $10-$300. These hotels are near the beach and quite easier to move around. There are rickshaws and one kind of motorized three-wheelers known as Easy Bikes. You can get around the city very comfortably, and there are cheap.

Discover Delicious Healthy Foods?

Food in Cox’s Bazaar is a bit expensive than other parts of the country. But there are also some inexpensive great restaurants like Jhawban Restaurant, Nilima Cafe, and Poushee Restaurant. In these restaurants, you can have some wonderful dishes (especially seafood) costing around $2-$4 dollars on average. There are also some comparatively costly restaurants like Handi and Mermaid Café. Handi is famous for its Biriyani. Being the top tourist spot in the country you can expect a world class service from the hotel staffs also a lot better interior and exterior designs than the rest of the country.

Tourist spots of Cox’s bazar



Located south of the city, this beautiful place is with a splendid waterfall and a tropical rainforest. From the Hotel Motel Zone, the distance is around 35 Km. In winter season you won’t be able to enjoy the full extent of its beauty though, in the rainy season the whole place comes really alive. How to go? You can hire a motorized Easy Bike to get here, or there is Chander Gari as well. ‘Chander Gari’ is a local term for Jeeps.
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Inani Beach

This magical beach is also a must-see attraction here in Cox’s Bazar. The ideal and most effective way is to travel Inani and Himchari together. Himchari is on the way to Inani. How to go? You can hire one Chander Gari to see both of the places. The cost would be 1200 tk. Note that 12 people can seat in one Chander Gari. The alternative is hiring an Easy Bike to see both the places, but in this case, you are going to have to spend 700/800 taka per bike and you will have to reserve it, one bike can carry four people.
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Burmese Market

This is a good place to buy some nice bed sheets and hand-woven fabrics mostly from Myanmar (Burma), China and Thai land. These products are beautiful and also very inexpensive. How to go ? The market is very near the Hotel Zone, just around 2 Km; you can walk there or get an easy bike, the cost would be 15-20 Taka.
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Laboni Beach

Laboni beach actually is the main beach of the city. It is the best place for enjoying sunset and sunrise; you will be amazed how the sea changes color twice every day. You can also do a bit sunbathing, surfing, jogging or swimming in this beach. The place is always crowded and you will be able to find a lot of souvenir shops. Any rickshaw or easy bike will take you there easily from your hotel. Cost would be around 20 Taka.
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