Bandarban Tourist Spots

Ever wanted to stand on a foggy hilltop, inhale deep with profound satisfaction and savor each and every molecule of air that enters through your nostrils? If you want some of that then Bandarban is the place you go, two hours bus trip from Chittagong, at the top of Bangladesh and by the beautiful river of Shangu.

Usually rainy and summer seasons are not good for traveling in Bangladesh, or most of the other countries in South Asia for that matter. But in case of Bandarban, don’t just disregard a summer trip. Well, summer trips have their own difficulties, like rainfalls can easily jeopardize your plans or hot and humidity can create such discomfort. If you are not too much into trekking you might consider a summer trip, as with rain the whole place become so alive, and you will also be able to enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls at their best. In that sense, you might want to consider a visit during late March or early April, when rainy season hasn’t started with full force yet. Try to avoid May. OR you can just visit during, November to February when the weather is cold and there is no rainfall.


There are not too many hotels in the area. With some luck, not too much, you can get a government rest house in the offseason. You should easily find a very good place for $15-$25. The best place with a tremendous view of Shangu is the Hillside Resort. Cost should be $30-$50.


This is the least populated area in the country of Bangladesh and there is no shred of traffic jam. What you go through in Dhaka stays in Dhaka, fortunately. You can cover the whole town just by walking. There are also rickshaws and three wheelers. To go to popular tourist attractions far from the city there are some jeeps called Chander Gari. You can find them from Ruma and Rowangchhari Bus Stations, also near the Sonali Bank. Cost of these depends on how many spots you go to and how much time you keep it. Costs usually start from 4000 Taka, only if you reserve it, otherwise you can share with 12-15 people.


Food is usually very hot and spicy here, so proceed with causation. The cost of food though is unbelievably cheap. You can have very good meal for less than $10 per day, three times.

Tourist spots of Bandarban


Buddha Dhatu Jadi

Located at Balaghata, this is the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh. For its wonderful golden stature the temple is also known as Sonar Mondir or Golden Temple. It is 4 KM away from the main town 150 Ft up the hill. Entry fee is 10 Tk. You can go for a 1 hour hike or just get a CNG to get there.
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This is one of top attractions of Bandarban. You will be able to enjoy a majestic view of the nature from one of the tallest peak of the country. The whole place managed by the army. There are resorts to stay here, if you want spend a night. Costs around 5000-10000 tk each cottage. For more information or booking - The place is 65 Km far from the Bandarban town. You can either go by Chander gari costing around 4500 taka (12 persons) or by public bus. Time table of public buses: At 8.00 AM, 10.30 AM, 12.00 PM, 2.00 PM from Bandorban town. Bus ticket costs 165-180 BDT.
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Nilachal is another beautiful place to visit where you can get bird’s eye view of the town above 2000 feet of sea level. This place is great for enjoying the sun set and only 5 Km away from the main town. You can just take rickshaw there.
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Chimbuk Hill

Located around 14 Km away from the town. It is another wonderful hill top to enjoy. There are also some tribal villages around where you would be able to understand about their cultural as well. From town there are bus service and Chander Gari available, cost would be 2500-3000/jeep.
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Boga Lake

Bagakain, or in popular term Boga Lake is the highest natural lake of the country. The lake is around 10 acres in area and located about 3000 feet above the sea level, surrounded by magnificent looking hills all around it. This lake will show you some extraordinary natural beauty with its changing color time to time and crystal clear water. Boga Lake is about 65 km away from the city and 15 km far from Ruma Upazilla Sadar. First you need to come to Ruma by Chander Gari or public bus. From Ruma, you can hire another Chander Gari up to Boga Lake, cost would be around 4000Tk if you hire the whole jeep. On the way to Boga Lake, you must register your name and particulars in the respective army security camp.
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