Rio de Janeiro Tourist Spots

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its growing number of eye -catching places. The first time visitors must not miss the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Museum of Contemporary Art is a another place of attractions. 2016 summer Olympics is the greatest attraction of Rio de Janeiro because it is the host city. Enjoy the view of Ipanema Beach or Copacabana Beach. Moreover, you have to taste the varieties of food and drinks.

Though Rio de Janeiro is considered a very costly city, it offers a wide range of foods for you. The best is the pay-by- weight restaurants. It offers buffet dishes at such a rate that you have to pay according to the weight. There are also sit down dining restaurants. You have to pay $10.00 USD for dishes including a drink in most of these restaurants.

The best way of transport from airports is the bus service. You can travel in these AC buses at the cheapest rate. Moreover, they are comfortable and safe also in comparison with other modes of transport. Beside the special taxis going from the airport are quite cheap in Rio de Janeiro.

Do you have a budget for you holidays in Rio de Janeiro? Don’t worry if you are looking for cheaper hotels in Rio de Janeiro. The hotels will offer you a family room with wifi facility, spacious kitchen etc. You can also have the opportunity to stay very close to the city. For all of these benefits, you have to pay a 14$- 20$ per night.

Tourist spots of Rio de Janeiro


Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain is one of the most important places which is natural beauty and historical value. Most probably, it is named after the traditional shape of concentrated refined loaf sugar. The Sugar Loaf Cable Car gives the 360-degree view of surrounding of the city. This view will refresh your mind. You have to pay 44R$ as the entry fee. You can travel by train from the airport on a charge of 20R$.
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The Copacabana Beach

It is considered as one of the most famous beaches as it has a combination of glamour, tradition and glory. It has an atmosphere which is very much vibrant and the people are fun-loving. There are incredible sculptures of sand. The beach is the place of colorful people. While roaming around the beach, if you get thirsty, you can try some coconut water.You have to take the subway on Line 1 or take one of the pubic buses to get the beach.
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Ipanema Beach

It is one of the best tourists attractions of Rio de Janeiro as it routinely reaches the top of the list of the best beaches every year. A large amount of well organised shops and restaurants surround the beach. There are also amazing art galleries, theatre, clubs etc. where you can enjoy the cultural dignities of Rio de Janeiro. You can go there by train in the cheapest rate from any airport of Rio de Janeiro. It will possibly cost you 20R$.
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Tijuca National Park

Tijuca National Park is the largest urban forest of the world. It covers a massive area with mountainous landscape. Don’t miss the chance of spending some quality time in the highest peak.You can also hike on the highest of peak of Rio de Janeiro to see the magnificent view of Guanabara Bay and the city below. If you wish to visit its beauty, you have to board on subway metro train which will be the lowest cost of transport with 17R$.
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Jardim Botanico

It is both a park and a scientific laboratory with a 8000 species of plants and animals.The tourists love spending a few hours in the haven of sunny beaches, with shady avenues, fountains, statues and ornamental ponds. There are some cafes and restaurants for your refreshment. The entrance fee is R$ 6. If you want to go there, you have to catch subway train with a minimum cost of 15R$.
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