Honolulu Tourist Spots

On the southeast coast of Oahu, boiling a attractive melting pot of culture, sports, shopping and astounding natural beauty, which is also the capital city of Hawaii- Honolulu. Every year millions of people come here and have the best time of their life.

The weather of this place is just amazing and doesn’t change much throughout the year. Even in the hottest days temperature remains less than thirty two degree Celsius and the temperature rarely drops under fifteen degree Celsius. But if you are looking for a less expensive and less crowded version of Honolulu avoid December to April. If you don’t mind some rain try visiting during September to November. The hotels and airfares would give you great deals during this time of the year. You will find great hotels within the range of fifty to sixty dollars.

You can easily hire a car or there is very good and affordable bus service to move around the city. You can easily buy a four day bus pass for only $25, from any ABC store.

Honolulu is a very safe, secure and technologically advanced city. If you don’t like the rush of downtown Honolulu you could stay in Waikiki neighborhood. Apart for being secure this place has an abundance of hotels, shopping opportunities and splendid nightlife. There are some mouth watery food items here that would make you jealous of the Hawaiian people who can have these foods anytime they want. One of these items is Laulau- a traditional Hawaiian food. This is made with pork wrapped in layers of taro leaves and cooked in an underground hot rock oven for hours until it turns soft and smoky flavored. The meat is tender and juicy while the leaves turn to spinach like consistency. Another item is Kalua Pig, which is also cooked in an underground oven until becomes very tender, juicy and Smokey flavored.

There some other traditional foods like Poke, Poi and Lomi Salmon that should not be overlooked. The place would offer you a long list of beverages as well.

Cost of food varies, but in average, if you don’t eat in a very posy or fancy place forty to fifty dollars would cost for two people per day.

Tourist spots of Honolulu


Bishop Museum

This is the Smithsonian of Hawaii with total natural history specimens of more than 24 million, located in the Kalihi district. This museum is the best narrator of Hawaiian and Polynesian cultural. The opening hours are 9AM to 5PM every day. Ticket prices are $20 for adults and $15 for children. If you are staying in the Waikiki area to get here you need to first get on the #2 ‘School St./Middle St.’ bus. Then Get off the bus at the intersection of School and Kapālama Streets and then cross School Street at the intersection and walk down Kapālama Ave. At the intersection of Kapālama Ave. and Bernice Str., turn right. You should see the museum grounds on the left hand side of Bernice and the entrance is about 200 feet up the street (on your left). For information about directions: http://www.thebus.org/ For more information about the museum visit http://www.bishopmuseum.org/
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Kuhio Beach Park

This a beautiful place that offers a varieties of stuffs all together. You can go swimming or ride a canoe, or relax on the beach, have some great food and enjoy some hula dancing with soothing festival like music. Address: Honolulu, HI 96815 For bus numbers to get to Waikiki: http://www.thebus.org/route/routes.asp
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ʻIolani Palace

This was the royal residence of the rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The house belonged to the mighty Kamehameha dynasty. So if are a history person and love to smell the bygone this one place you cannot miss. Buses from Kuhio Avenue to the Capital District which includes the Palace are, no. 2, no. 13 and Express B. The opening hours are from 9AM to 4PM. It remains closed on Sunday. For fees and more information: http://www.iolanipalace.org/
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Chinatown Markets

If want some authentic Chinese food and cheap souvenir you must visit the Chinatown market where you will be presented with a wide verity of super tasty food items. Even if you are not hungry the intoxicating aroma of various spicy Chinese cuisine would force you to eat some more. It is open every day from 8 AM to 6 PM, except for Sunday. On Sunday it closes at 5 PM. From Waikiki bus no. 2, 13, 19, 20, 42 go to Chinatown. For more information relating bus and Chinatown http://www.chinatownnow.com/ http://www.thebus.org/pop/Visitor_WaikikiGuide.pdf
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Lyon Arboretum

This 200-acre arboretum and botanical garden is maintained by the University of Hawaiʻi located at the upper end of Mānoa Valley. If you are looking for nice relaxing time near nature you can give it a shot. The opening hours are: • Tuesday 8AM–4PM • Wednesday 8AM–4PM • Thursday 8AM–4PM • Friday 8AM–4PM • Saturday 9AM–3PM • Sunday Closed • Monday 8AM–4PM Take the #5 bus into Mānoa valley, and get off at the last bus stop. From there, it’s about a 0.6 mile walk up past Paradise Park to the arboretum. For admission and more information http://www.hawaii.edu/lyonarboretum
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