Nuwara Eliya Tourist Spots

In the shadow of the tallest Sri Lankan mountain, Pidurutalagala, resides ‘the city of lights’- Nuwara Eliya, an attractive hill station and the heart of tea production of the country. The city is also called ‘little England’ for its colonial architecture. Note that reaching there might not be that fun. The city is around one hundred and eighty kilometer away from the capital. It will be a six to seven hour journey by bus or train. The train track or the road is not in a very good shape. Also there are occasional light failures, so keep those in your expectation before you decide to visit there.

The city is considered to be the coldest in Sri Lanka with a mean temperature of 16 degree Celsius. The nights are extra cold and there might be frost, but with the tropical sun it rises quickly. The best time to visit the city is April when the city is in a festive mode for Sinhalese and Tamil New Year. But the downside is the lack of hotel rooms. You might need to reserve your room. The hotels are not costly. There are plenty of decent rooms under fifteen dollars per night. Also you need to know that there might be rain very often. Statistically the driest month is March and coolest is August.

You can easily get around on foot. There is also plenty of Tuk Tuk, or three wheelers that can also be hired very easily. And it doesn’t matter in which area you stay, as the city is really small. Just find a good place that is in your budget and meets your requirements.

Food here is not that different from Colombo or other Sri Lankan cities. The local cuisine is curry based and full of spicy flavors. There lots of snacks to choose from. There is a Sri Lankan desert called Watalappam, you might want to try.

Tourist spots of Nuwara Eliya


Pedro Tea Estate

About four kilometers east of the city you will find this beautiful estate with historical significance. If you visit there in day time it is unlikely to see much action, as all the tea processing are conducted at night when the weather is much colder. You can hire a Tuk Tuk, costing 300-350 Sri Lankan Rupee, (including return and waiting time) or you can just get on a Ragalla-bound bus from the main bus station of the city. Ticket cost 13 Sri Lankan Rupee.
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The Hill Club

One of the greatest experiences in this city is The Hill Club. This is a wonderful English style restaurant with fantastic cuisine and a flavor of the bygone British colonial history. There are monogrammed plates and pictures of Queen’s visit and other Lords everywhere. While visiting there is a dress code, tie and jacket. If you forget, no problem- there is a closet full of these to borrow. The price is higher than any other Sri Lankan hotel or restaurant. Set menu costs 25 USD.
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Victoria Park

This lovely park is in the centre of the town and considered one of the finest in South Asia. If you are looking for a nice relaxing stroll this is the ideal place for that. There is a very high probability you might encounter some lovely looking rare hill country birds. Going there is no hustle. You could walk or hop on a three wheeler from anywhere in the city. Admission fee is 300 Sri Lankan Rupee and the opening hours are from 7 AM to 6 PM every day.
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Hakgala Gardens

Hakgala Gardens is 10km south east of city is this gorgeous looking garden. The word ‘Hakgala’ means Jaw Rock. It is said that Rama sent Hanuman to the Himalayas to get some kind of herb. But Hanuman forgot which herb he was asked to bring and decided to carry a big part of the Himalayas back in his jaw to Rama. The place opened from 7.30 AM to 5.00 PM every day. You can get a Tuk Tuk to get there or from the bus station you can get on a bus, that’s way cheaper. The ticket costs too much. 1100 Sri Lankan Rupee for one person.
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Gregory Lake

Visit Gregory Lake on the southern part of the city for a relax time. The lake is very well maintained and a beautiful tourist spot. There is also a nice little restaurant and snack bar. There are boats for hiring to wander around the lake. Prices: • Adult/Child- Rs 200/20, • Paddle boat Rs 500 per 30min • motorboat Rs 1500 per 30min Opening hours: Everyday 8AM to 6 PM.
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