Kandy Tourist Spots

In the cradle of mountains lies the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, the hill country of Kandy. The city is 150km away from the capital, and you can reach there by bus, train or plane. Plane is the fastest and costliest way of traveling costing around 137 USD for a 45 minutes journey. Buses take around 4-5 hours and train takes 3-4 hours, the respective ticket prices are 200 to 400 Sri Lankan Rupee and 180 to 1500 Sri Lankan Rupee.

In monsoon season the weather becomes really unpredictable and there is quite a lot of rainfall. So it would be a good idea to avoid that time of the year and visit during December to April when it dry and warm with a pleasant temperature of twenty two to thirty degree Celsius. Monsoon season is from May to August.

Hotel prices in Sri Lanka are lower than any European or American city. You can get a five star within $150 any time of the year. If you are looking for a cost effective accommodation there are plenty of hotel rooms costing only 10 dollars. You would be able to find a nice clean and budget accommodation in the Saranankara road, south of the lake. It is also easier to get a Tuk Tuk there. Note that air conditioned room won’t be necessary as the nights are cold there. From the train station a tuk tuk fare would be 200 LKR tops and from the main street 150 LKR.

The center of the city is not too large so you can walk around. There are also other means of traveling. You can rent a vehicle easily. For more information: http://rentabikesinkandy.blogspot.com/. The other two options are the three wheelers; cheap and they are everywhere; or of course the bus. The local bus station is the Clock Tower bus station.

The city has varieties of restaurants where you can get Chinese, European or American cuisine along with the local dishes. Sri Lankan dishes are spicy and curry based and there is plenty of snacks and desert also. Coconuts tend to be a basic ingredient in lots or most of the dishes. The cost of food varies too much. You can have a decent meal for only 150 LKR which is equivalent to only a dollar or less. But if you want to dine fancy it will increase. For example dinner buffet costs around 1000-1200 LKR, and a good fast food meal with burger and coke would cost you 300-400 LKR.

Tourist spots of Kandy


Kandy Lake

The lake is in the centre of the city. The water is fresh and clean and nicely maintain. This is the ideal place for a relaxing stroll in fresh air. The history of the lake is pretty bloody. The last ruler of the kingdom of Kandy Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe used forced labor to build it and killed around a hundred people by impaling who opposed him. From Saranankara road you can easily get a three wheeler or you can just walk there.
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Temple Of The Tooth

North of the lake is this famous temple and the key tourist site of the city. This golden roofed building contains the country’s most precious Buddha relic, a tooth of Buddha. The place consists of some other sites Alut Maligawa, Audience Hall and World Buddhism Museum. Opening hours: • Temple 5.30 AM-8 PM • Worship: 5.30-6.45 AM, 9.30-11.00 AM & 6.30-8.00 PM • World Buddhism Museum: 8.00 AM-7.00 PM • Sri Dalada Museum: 7.30 AM-6.00 PM Ticket Prices: • Adult- 1000 LKR (Children don’t require a ticket) • Video camera- 300 LKR • World Buddhism Museum admission- 500 LKR
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Ceylon Tea Museum

Run by the country’s tea board this is an old tea factory. There exhibits on some famous leaders of the tea industry like James Taylor and Thomas Lipton. This place is more than five kilometers away from the Saranankara road and tuk tuk is the best way to reach here. The opening hours are from 8.30 AM to 3.30 PM. Monday it remains closed. Tickets cost 500 LKR for adults and 200 LKR for children. For more information: http://www.ceylonteamuseum.com/
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Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

You will around 60 to 70 elephants strolling freely around this beautiful safe haven. You can either hire a taxi or tuk-tuk from Saranankara road or anywhere else in Kandy which will directly take you there. You can go there by train or bus as well. But those don’t go there directly. You need to get to Rambukkana first then to Pinnewala.
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Degaldoruwa Raja Maha Vihara

This is a cave temple in Kandy which is not too much visited. You will see some nice paintings there. It was built in the eighteenth century. There are five monks who live here and one them would be your guide. There are some paintings of people with guns. It is said that these paintings were inspired by the first batch of guns that came to the country. There is no fixed entry fee. You need to donate of your choosing. It is situated in Lewella. Around four kilometers away from the lake.
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