Colombo Tourist Spots

To a lot of people ‘the garden of the East’, Sri Lankan historical capital has been just a hub for visiting some other tourist spots rather than the city itself. This port city shows the visitors a strong oxymoronic gesture where ultra modern shopping malls filled with the top most brands of the world and posh high rise buildings are standing right next to filthy slums and smelly bazaars.

The best time to visit the city is between December and March. To be more precise, if raining stops by December then just go for it or you can wait some days and visit in January when the city is dry, sunny and warm with a pleasant temperature. Note that Sri Lankan temperature doesn’t fluctuate that much over the year. The rare hottest days are thirty two degree Celsius and the coldest days don’t even cross twenty. But I would suggest avoiding rainy season which is between May and September. The problem is it can be prolonged and even extend to early December. To avoid this unpredictably it would be safe to not visit even in early December.
And you don’t worry about the hotel prices. Brace yourself, you can get a five star hotel just for hundred and forty dollars and a decent place to live would cost just ten bucks and you can even go for a bargain.

Getting around in Colombo is not an issue, though you need to bargain a lot. There are abundance of bus and taxi. Taxies have meters, but you will need to bargain a price with them. There are also another unconventional transport that you are going to find everywhere in the city. This is called tuktuk. These three are the cheapest mean of transport and also an essential part of Colombo experience. Like the taxi drivers, they also have meters, just won’t use it. Just keep in mind three kilo of traveling costs less than one and half dollar.

Colombo 3-5 areas are good places to stay and they are near good accommodation, night life, shopping and you will find very nice restaurants around.
Sri Lankan food has a high dominance of various exotic spices and two other components: coconut and fish. One might find their core flavor similar to south Indian cuisine as they share some similarities in culture. In popular items there are rice and fish curry, sweet and sour fish curry, egg kottu, Dal curry chili fish curry, various items of muttons etc. You will find a lot of sweet snacks to enjoy as well.

Food here is also very cheap. If you choose to have budget meals three times a day, per day would cost less than fifteen dollars.

Tourist spots of Colombo


National Museum Of Colombo

Peek into the Sri Lankan ancient history and heritage in the largest museum of the country. You will be greeted by the famous ninth century Buddha in the hall and make your way to thousands to objects from the past. If you are staying in Colombo-3, just take a taxi or tuk tuk, it is just three kilometer away. The precise address is Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 00700. Opening hours are from 9AM to 7PM every day except for public holidays. For ticket price and more information:
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Though it is not actually a ‘fort’, but it was a fort in the European era. Now it is the heart of Colombo, or the whole Sri Lanka for that matter. There is the Colombo Stock Exchange, World Trade Centre of Colombo and also Bank of Ceylon HQ. Form Colombo 3 it is around five kilometers.
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Galle Face Green

On the south of the financial district of the city stands this beautiful urban park which is a very popular spot for the locals and the tourists to visit in weekends. The park is situated within five hectares of land and right by the ocean. You can go for a jog or a relaxing stroll anytime.
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Dutch Period Museum

Colombo’s famous Dutch Period Museum shows a picture of the Dutch era in Sri Lanka which lasted from 1640 to 1796. The museum remains closed on Sunday and Monday. Rest of the days the opening hours are from 9AM to 5PM. Ticket prices are approximately three dollars for adults and two dollars for children. (500 and 300 Sri Lankan Rupee) For more information:
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Viharamahadevi Park

Beside the National Museum you would see the oldest and largest public park of the city. In March and April you will find various colorful flowers there. Often in nights elephants are brought in for various shows. The park is always open. You go there same way you go the National Museum.
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