Kathmandu Tourist Spots

Kathmandu the capital of Nepal stands at a height of 1,400 meters above the ground. The city contains seven groups of heritage monuments and it is considered to be one of the most historical cities in the world. A city filled with temples, chiming bells and fine arts Kathmandu attracts more and more tourists every year. It is a great place for textile shopping as cashmere, pashmina and wool scarfs are everywhere in the Thamel tourist district.

From high-end resorts to hostel style dorm rooms, Kathmandu can provide accommodation to suit every ones budget. One of the biggest advantage of Kathmandu is that almost all the hotels, whether they are high end, mid rang, or just a basic hotel, offers some basic facilities such as- airports pickups, tours and wifi. If you are wondering about which area you should pick for staying at Kathmandu, we would suggest Thamel, as it’s situated at a walking distance from many restaurants, bars, internet café’s, money changer, etc.

Nepal’s largest and only international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport, is situated in Kathmandu which is the best way to get into Kathmandu as well as Nepal. It’s quite easy to get to the town form the airport. You can take fixed-price prepaid taxi both from international and domestic terminals that cost around Rs 700 to reach Thamel.

For travelling around Kathmandu Cycle-Rickshaw is the cheapest option that cost around Rs 60 for short rides. Taxies are also quite reasonably priced. You can also hire Car(s) or motorcycle(s) quite easily, but you’ll have to leave your passport as deposit.
Nepalese food takes a lot from both India and Tibet and they have no lack of impressive array of local cuisine. Nepalese national dish would be dal bhat, a simple dish consisting of rice and lentil soup. However in areas like Kathmandu there is a growing interest in western dishes. So if you get tired of the eating local dishes check out those great international restaurants.

Tourist spots of Kathmandu


Durbar Square

Durbar Square, located in front of Kathmandu’s royal palace, is the place from where Kings used to rule and new kings were crowned. The Square houses ancient temples, palaces, courtyards and streets from the periods between 12th to 18th centuries. Listed as one of the UNESCO Heritage site this must see place never fails to impress visitors with its architectural beauty and rich history. This place suffered a lot of damage from the 2015 earthquake, but the northern section is still mostly intact. Entrance Fee: For SAARC country nationals Rs 150, other foreign nationals Rs 750 How to Get There? Durbar Square is at a walking distance from Thamel. You can also take a Rickshaw there.
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Situated in the western outskirts of Kathmandu city Swayambhunath or more commonly known as The Monkey Temple is Kathmandu's most important Buddhist shrine. The hilltop provides a great view of the whole Kathmandu Valley. Visit in the morning or evening to witness local devotees’ prayer ritual that brings a mystical atmosphere to the whole are. How to Get There? it takes 20 minute to walk base of the temple from the center of Kathmandu. From there you can take a walk on the long stairway leading up. Alternatively drive or take a taxi up. Entrance Fee: Rs 200/-
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Langtang National Park

The Langtang National Park is the first Himalayan national park in Nepal. Being the nearest park to Kathmandu it is a popular trekking destination amongst tourist. The park preserves musk deer, red panda, snow leopard, common leopard, Himalayan tahr and many more rare animals and vegetation species. The Langtang Valley, the most visited part of the park, offers an opportunity to explore villages, monasteries, and glaciers, with magnificent views of the mountains. How to Get There? From Kathmandu take public bus or taxi to Dhunche. A seasonal road reaches Syabrubensi from there. Entry Fees: For SAARC country nationals Rs 100/-, other foreign nationals Rs 1000/-
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Garden Of Dreams

One of the most beautiful places in Kathmandu, this Swapna Bagaicha or Garden of Dreams was built in the 1920s by Field marshal Kaiser Shamser 1920s. The gardens design is inspired by the renowned Edwardian style. The whole garden is gorgeously designed with many small gardens, fountains, ponds and even a hidden garden. Spend some leisurely relaxing time in the dream like serene atmosphere of this garden. For more information visit: www.gardenofdreams.org.np How to Get There? It's two minutes' walk from central Thamel Entry Fees: Adult Rs 200/-, child Rs 100/- Opening hours: From 9am-10pm
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Boudhanath, constructed during the 5th century AD, houses one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world. It is a popular tourist site and an important place to the Tibetan Buddhists and local Nepalese for pilgrimage and meditation. How to Get There? There are a number of local buses and vans that take passengers from the Kathmandu Valley to Chabihil for Rs 15/20 rupees. From there take one of the many buses/vans or walk for 20 mins to the 'Bouda Stupa main gate'.
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