Dhulikhel Tourist Spots

Dhulikhel, the administrative centre of Kavre district that is situated at the center of Nepal, just 32 km east of Kathmandu valley is one of the best places to observe Himalaya. The snowcapped mountain peaks, sunrise and sunset that can be seen from this town are one of the most unique and magnificent views of the world. Free from crowed and pollution Dhulikhel is actually an old Newari town filled with historic buildings and numerous artistic temples that will give you a deep insight into the traditional Nepalese life. Dhulikhel is a great base for expeditions to some famous nearby places. For example, it only takes about 6 hours to hike to and get back from Namobuddha from Dhulikhel. It’s also possible to reach Nagarkot from Dhulikhel after a 5/6 hour long hike.

Although you can find both Nepalese and International food there, there are only a few independent places to eat outside. Therefore it is best to just eat at your Hotel or Lodge. One of famous restaurants with both International and Nepali menu items that costs around Rs 80-300 is Newa Kitchen, situated near the bus stop.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to visit there. Many people visiting Dhulikhel return at the end of the day as the town is really close to the city. For those who want to stay there are plenty of luxurious hotels and lodges operating in Dhulikhel, most of which are situated by the Araniko Highway. A few of them are also located close to the main square and at the foot of the hill Dhulikhel.

Buses leave every hour from Kathmandu’s Ratna Park bus station for Dhulikhel that takes 2 hour to reach and cost about Rs 20. Dhulikhel is only at 1-hour driving distance from Kathmandu, You can also take taxi or rent a car to get there. Usually a taxi should cost around Rs 750/800

Tourist spots of Dhulikhel


Kali Temple

Located on top of the Dhulikhel hill this beautiful Pagoda that can be seen from far away when entering or exiting Dhulikhel. The place is famous for its magnificent view that showcases a panorama view of the whole town and surrounding places, even till Himalaya when the sky is clear. The main temple suffered much damage from the 2013 earthquake but the viewing tower is still intact. How to Get There? walk for 20 minutes to the east of the town to reach the Tundikhel Recreation Park. Near the park there is the Dhulikhel hill, climb uphill for about 30 minutes to reach the temple.
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Old Town

Old Dhulikhel is at least five centuries old and comprises of four/five-storey Victorian style brick mansions, many of which have remarkable Newari woodcraft decorations on them, especially on the windows and doors. It is a great place to wonder around and get to know more about the simple yet charming way of life of the Newari people. You will feel as if you are in a historical theme park. The town also houses some very famous old temples. How to Get There? Go to the west of Mahendra Chowk, immediately from the main square at the newer, east side of the town Old Dhulikhel begins.
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Namobuddha, surrounded by beautiful green hills, is a holy site to Buddhists that attracts many pilgrims. The place has an intriguing history, according to which a prince sacrificed himself here to save a sick and hungry tigress and her cubs. A hike to Namobuddha is the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place itself and the road that leads to it. How to Get There? Take the trail to the Kali Temple lookout. From there follow the signs to reach Phulbari village. Namobuddha, below a Tibetan monastery on a hilltop is easy to identify from there. Buses are also available from Dhulikhel to get there.
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Narayan And Hari Siddhi Temple

Narayan and Hari Siddhi temple are both Vishnu temples. The Narayan Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, a form of lord Vishnu. During August his birthday is celebrated with many ceremonies and much joy over there. On the other hand Harisiddhi Temple’s god is believed to solve the worshipper’s problems. Both the temples showcases gorgeous wood cravings that is specialty of Newari people. How to Get There? Both of the temples are at the main square, which is the center of the old town, and quite easy to locate. You can just walk to reach them.
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Charikot And Jiri

Charikot, that provides a breathtaking view of Mt. Gauri-Shanker is only 130 km away from Dhulikhel. Kalinchowk, renowned for its view and Dolkha Bhimsen, a famous roofless temple is also located there. 133 km northeast from Dhulikhel, Jiri with its pristine atmosphere and always welcoming locals is also famous for its beautiful view of the Himalaya. Furthermore it hoses some of the well-known trekking route to the Mount Everest Base Camp. How to Get There? It’s best to hire a jeep to get to both of these places. It usually takes 3 hours to drive to Charikot and 4 hours to drive to Jiri.
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