Dharan Tourist Spots

Right at the foothills of Himalaya, Dharan is a picturesquely beautiful multicultural town on the far western perimeter of Nepal. Standing 1200 feet above sea level Dharan is famous for its clean, open environment and its friendly hill people who are always smiling. It’s suburb like striking homes and excellent roads offers a peaceful retreat to its visitors. But that’s not all this lovely town has to offer. Dharan houses some famous temples like Dantakali, Budhasubba, Pindeshwori, Bishnu Paduka etc. which are important historically, archaeologically as well as religiously. The city is close to Tamur River which has made it into a popular destination for whitewater rafting enthusiasts. This place also serves as a gateway to some of the major but remote tourist attractions such as Kumbhakarna Himal, Kanchenjunga, Tinjure-Milke, Hyatrung Fall and many more.

Dahran has temperate climate so it’s fine to visit there any time of the year, however the weather is best from April to November.
Dahran city hasn’t yet developed into a major tourism hub. That’s why you shouldn’t face much hassle while checking into a hotel or other accommodation facility there at an affordable price. Accommodation here ranges from- budget hotels, inns and even five star hotels and usually cost around Rs 500/1000 or more.

The East-West highway of Nepal is connected to Dahran by road. Therefore it can be reached by bus or micro-van from Biratnagar quite easily. Just take 45 minute flite from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and choose your vehicle from there. Bus will cost around Rs 40 from Biratnagar to Dahran. There are also direct buses available from Kathmandu to Bhanu Chwak of Dahran that takes about 11/12 hours to reach.

Dahran is home to some very famous foods, such as Tongba, a heavenly drink made from millet seeds or Churpi, a type of traditional cheese consumed only in Himalayan region. You can also enjoy delicious street foods, and Nepalese foods there.

Tourist spots of Dharan


Kanchenjunga Mountain

Kanchenjunga, situated on the border between India and Nepal, is the third highest mountain in the world with a height of 8586 meters. Trekking in this region is bound to provide an unforgettable adventure. You will get mesmerized by forests of rhododendrons, orchids, pine and magnolia, many protected animals that can’t be found elsewhere and so on. How to get there? About 90 km from Dharan there is a hill called Basantapur. This hill is the starting point for trekking to Kanchanjunga base camp
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Hile Bazar

Hile bazar is located 65 km away from Dharan. The place provides a great view of the mountains, especially if you head towards Hattikharkha and keep walking for about 30 minutes you are in for a treat. You can enjoy Tibetan food in the hotels of Hile as it’s a specialty there. It’s best to avoid visiting during the weekend as it gets really crowed. How to get there? You can take a bus to reach Hile from Dahran. It will take 3 hours and cost around Rs 130/140.
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Makalu Barun National Park

Established in 1992 Makalu Barun National Park is the only protected area in Nepal that has such strict nature reserve. The park covers an area of 1500+km^2 and it’s recognized for its diverse type of plants, animals and people. Most trails in the area are quite rocky but still worth it as it provides a great journey. Entrance Fee: SAARC Nationals Rs 100/-, Other Foreign Nationals Rs 1,000/- How to get there? From Dharan It takes 6/7hrs drive to reach Hile and from there you can either trek for 3 days or just take a bus to reach Tumlingtar.
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Ghantaghar/ Clock Tower Of Dharan

Lying at the heart of Dharan there is a clock tower that was built with the aid of Dharan-Hongkong society. There are 4 such clock towers in Nepal including this one. The tower is buit as part of the Earthquake Memorial Park that is being built in memory of the victims of 1988 earthquake. It is the tallest building in Dharan and you can see many places from top of it. How to get there? The park is at the center of Dharan, Bhanu Chwak. Entrance Fee: Rs 5/- to enter the park and Rs 10/- to climb the clock tower.
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Dantakali Temple

Surrounded by the beautiful hills in Bijaypur the temple of Dantakali or the the tooth goddess is situated. It is one of the major Shakti Peeths in Nepal and holds a great religious significance. The area of the temple is also very attractive with green hills and a panoramic view of Terai and Dharan bazaar. How to get there? From Bhanu Chowk walk eastward for 15 minutes and you will enter the lowest point of Vijayapur Hill and you will see the first temple here, Pindeshwor Temple. From there walk uphill for about 10 minutes on the main road to reach Datankali Temple.
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