Yangon Tourist Spots

In the lower part of Myanmar stands the centre of former Burmese Raj and mighty ex-capital of Myanmar; Yangon, city that bears the flavor of ancient forgotten past and too may fallen dynasties.

Yangon is hot and humid. In summer the temperature even crosses forty degree Celsius. The best time to visit the city would in the cold season from November to February, when there is not rain fall and the weather is comparatively pleasant. The hotel price in the city is cheap. There are plenty of places to stay costing below twenty dollars per night, though might not be very good. But there are three star hotels costing fifty dollars on average.

Traveling within the city would be a major hustle. The best way to move around is taxi, but the traffic jam is horrible. Taxis don’t use meters, and the drivers don’t know much English, well they know better than most of the people you are going to meet and note that communication is likely to be a problem. You are going to have to negotiate a lot. You can hire taxi by hour, and one hour would cost you around $5. Buses are cheap but they are crowed and keep changes before you get on. Another thing worth mentioning that the bus won’t start moving unless it is full so, there’s that. All the buses use Burmese text, so it is going to be a problem understanding which one to use. There is also train and Trishaws. Trishaws are the cheapest way to travel short distance. Trains are also cheapest and less crowded, though the carriages are too old and all the jerking might make you sick. If you are in a budget vacation I would suggest you to use train service as much as possible. You can also read this article to know something more about the train service: http://www.bordersofadventure.com/riding-the-yangon-circle-line-train/

North of the downtown is Dagon Township. You can stay there. Very much affordable hotels, not too chaotic, also good for shopping and eating.

There is no shortage of nice restaurant in Yangon, but the actual pleasure lies in the street restaurants. There are some signature dishes that you should not miss, like Mohinga, Mont Lin Ma Yar or Grilled Skewers. You would find the cost of food very low. If you are looking for a budget meal three times a day, it would cost you 10 to 12 dollar. Also even high end restaurant won’t cost more than forty dollars.

Tourist spots of Yangon


Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda or the Golden Dagon Pagoda is considered the most sacred pagoda in whole Myanmar. It opens for tourists at 6.30 AM. and closes at 10.00 PM. There is an entry fee of eight dollars and another six or seven dollars (including tip) for guide. From city centre you will need a taxi costing around 3000 Kyats. Bus no. 204 comes here. From downtown Yangon it is half an hour walk, and if you are at Dagon Township then it is in a very short walking distance. For more information: http://www.shwedagonpagoda.com/
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Bogyoke Aung San Market

One of the largest souvenir shops in Myanmar with 2000 shops. You can wander around and do your shopping here though some of the shops are too much overpriced and again, bargain. This market is also known as Scott Market. This was its name in the British era. This is in Pabedan Township. From Dagon Township it is a twenty minute walking or you can get a taxi. Opening hours are from 10.00 AM to 4.30 Pm and remains closed on Monday.
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Chaukhtatgyi Paya

Around 5 Km away from the Bogyoke Market, you will find a huge 65m long reclining Buddha in Chaukhtatgyi Paya. This is also a very sacred religious place for the Buddhist people. You can take a taxi from Bogyoke Market to get here at Pabedan township, which is around five kilometers away. Opening hours are from 6.00 AM to 8.00 PM.
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Kandawgyi Lake

Located at the East of Shwedagon Pagoda this is one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever see. The sight gets somewhat heavenly when the golden image of Shwedagon glitters in the crystal clear lake water in the twilight and the afterglow of the setting sun. This place is around 3 kilometers away from the Shwedagon Pagoda. Admission fee is 2000 Kyats.
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Aung San Suu Kyi's House

Between these Pagodas and temples make some time and take a detour to the house of Nobel laurite Aung San Suu Kyi. One could argue that she is largely responsible for Myanmar’s fame. She was house arrested till 2010 and the place used to be heavily guarded. But now there is no police and you can get a glimpse without much hustle. The address is 51 University Avenue, around 4 kilometers away from the Kandawgyi Lake. But I should warn you there is no other thing worth visiting near that area.
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