Mawlamyine Tourist Spots

Mawlamyine is a city that requires only one day of your time to see it all. Even though the city is the fourth largest of the country of Myanmar and the capital of Mon State, the city itself is small; located in the South Eastern part of the country with 320,000 people in it.

Like any other city in Myanmar, with tropical monsoon weather, Mawlamyine’s sun also produces its fair amount of heat in the summers, and sometimes makes the temperature 40/42 degree Celsius. So it would be wise to plan your visits in the winter season, from November to February, when the country is cold and dry. There are frequent rainfalls in this reign, so that is also a concern for the travelers in the summer months.

There are some nice hotels and guesthouses in the city and they are not too costly no matter when you decide to visit the city. For $8-$10 you should be able to find some great places where you can stay. You might not find the service world class, but they are not bad at all. People are friendly and they give wonderful travel advice if you ask them.

Traveling within the city is no trouble. It is a fairly small city and that’s why you can cover it just by foot, so where you choose to stay it’s just up to your budget and the level of comfort you seek. If you find anything near the Lower Main Road, that would be cool as it is close to most of the attractions, which by the way is not too many. There are a lot of motorbike taxis and three wheelers are available if you are not feeling like walking. Three wheelers should cost around $1.5/km.
Food here is very inexpensive like the rest of country. A budget meal three times a day should not cost more than $12.

Tourist spots of Mawlamyine


Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda

Overlooking the town stands the 150 feet tall Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda, providing its visitors with a spectacular view. The pagoda contains the holy Tripitok’s ancient manuscripts and a hair relic belonging to the Buddha himself. It is a little more than 2 Km away from the Lower main road, and you can just walk there via Taung Yoe Dan St. This place was featured in world famous writer and poets Rudyard Kipling’s work and it remains closed at night.
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Myine Yadanar Centre

Less than 1 Km away from the Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda, is this only shopping centre of the city. This four story building is the place where you can buy some jewelries or electronic devices or even go for a $1 haircut. You will see escalators there, but they are barely in service. You will have to use the lift. On the top floor there is a medium sized area where the kids play some jumping castle games. That floor also has a cyber café which works as a 4D movie theater as well. You will find a great pastry shop right beside that.
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Mon Cultural Museum

At Dawei Tadar Street located is this Museum about 1.5 Km away from the shopping centre via Baho Street. The entrance fee is $2 and it opens from 9.30 AM. Note that, when you get here you might see all the lights off and that might make you come to the natural conclusion that the place is closed. But it is not. The staffs keep all lights turned off, but once you pay the entrance fee they will turn them all.
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Around 2.4 Km away from the Lower Main Road is this neighborhood by the sea. The main attraction here is a sea beach called Yele, though it will not be possible for you to do any swimming here for the rocks and mud. This is just for a pleasant stroll. There is also a nice looking Buddhist temple with Buddha’s hair relics, and an image of the great Buddha, which evidently floated here from Sri Lanka.
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Win Sein Taw Ya

You can see the biggest (180mX30m) reclining Buddha statue in the world here in Win Sein Taw Ya, which is located around 20 km south of the city on the main road that leads to Mudon township. You can clearly see it form miles away on the right side of the road, as you leave Mudon for Mawlamyine.
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