Mandalay Tourist Spots

On the East bank of Irrawaddy River is located the second largest city of Myanmar, not by size; by population, Mandalay. It is a hot and humid city full of a remarkable set of religious architectural monuments from various religions.

The city is not instantly liked and usually most of the tourists use it for a one day trip. Like all the cities in Myanmar, this city also boils under the blazing sun in the summer, and then there is frequent rainfall. So for tourism purposes visiting this place or any place in Myanmar for that matter in summer is not recommended. You might think, in off seasons the hotel prices might present you some of the sweetest deals, but to be honest, Myanmar’s hotel prices are not that costly anyway. You can find five star hotel by $80 anytime of the year. There are plenty of places where price starts from $10 and for like $30 you can get a lot of great places to stay.

Public Transportation is available but not great. They actually use pickup trucks as public transport and don’t start until the whole vehicle is completely full, and also they make frequent stops. Trishaws are great for short distance travel and also they are up for a whole day hire. Taxies are relatively less expensive than other cities. A whole day hire would cost around $30 or sometimes more. There are some other alternatives like Motorbike Taxies or bicycle for hire which are way cheaper. To get of access of everything easily stay near the City centre area.

Burmese chefs have their own way with their delicious and also attractive looking cuisine. The city is full of some amazing street restaurants that you don’t want to miss. The cost is also cheap. There are wonderful restaurants that offer buffet for $4 per person. For a budget meal you would have to spend like $10/$12 per day.

Tourist spots of Mandalay


Royal Palace

This palace is the last surviving palace of bygone Burmese Empire. The palace got destroyed during the Second World War, but was reconstructed in 1990. You need to get in from East Gate and there are some security instructions you need to follow, like, if you are on a bicycle you need to dismount while passing it. A five day ticket costs $10, which is 1000 Kyats and you can pay in Kyats only. Opening hours are from 7.30 AM to 4.30 PM.
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Mandalay Hill

Around 8 Km far from the palace is located this 790 ft high hill, which is a great place for sun set viewing. You will find a lot of other people coming there at the same time and most of them are monks. You will also find them friendly and they will tell you various aspects of the spot, city and people. Be aware of the fake ones who might ask for money. Monks are prohibited from asking for any kind of monetary reward. You can reach there by taxi and also you can get to the hilltop by taxi. Or you can walk to the top, which is like an hour of walking. If the weather or the humidity gets to you, it would be wiser to take the taxi to the top. Usually if you hire a taxi by hour it could cost you about four hours for 20000 Kyats.
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Maha Myat Muni Paya

This is considered the second holiest religious site in the country. The whole place is made of gold and precious jewels. There is a museum section too which opens at 8.00 AM and closes at 5.00 PM, though the complex remains open 24/7. From palace it is 3 km away. You can take a taxi or cycle there. It is straight from the palace at the 82nd street.
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Shwe In Bin Kyaung

A place is well known for providing its visitors a quiet meditating time. It was commissioned by two Chinese merchants in 1895. It is also 3 Km away from the palace but on the other side. The address is 37/38 at 89th street.
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Yankin Hill

Around 12 Km away from the Mandalaya Hill there is another hill that offers a great view. Though it is not nearly as high as the previous hill is. It is only a 10 min walk to the top. There are taxis available that would take you to the top. Also 5 no. pick up service can get you on the 19th Street which is in the walking distance of the hill. Though traveling by taxi or cycle would be better choice.
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