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Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is a developing country of South Asia with a rich historical appeal. For hundreds of years this country was home to some of the most powerful and dominating dynasties in the world.

For more than forty years Myanmar was under military rule and recently in 2015 an election was held and it officially became a democratic party. Famous political figure of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi was barred from being President so she was given a State Councilor status. Though Myanmar is a democratic country now, it is widely believed that the democratic status was gained just to get the economic sanctions lifted and still the Generals have a very strong control over the country.

As far as tourism concerns, the country is slowly growing in this sector. The biggest problem a tourist faces here is the communication problem. Very few people speak English and all the institutions and transports uses Burmese text. Another problem is the transportation problem. The public transportation is not grate and taxies are costly and also there is traffic jam, apart from the new capital Naypyidaw. That city has huge road with no traffic. The population density is so low there that often it is referred as a post apocalyptic ghost town.

Hotel and food cost all over the country is very low. People are generally very religious, honest and helpful. There was a riot in 2013 that made headlines but that is not an issue now and the country is considered one of the safest in South Asia.

Economically Myanmar is a developing country. The currency is called Kyat and 1 USD equals 1172.30 Kyats.

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