Malé Tourist Spots

Little Male is the capital of Maldives and the engine that runs the whole country. The city is only 5.8 square kilometers and 153,379 people living in this city. This densely populated high paced city with bright colored buildings and busy markets. But the real beauty lies in the mighty blue sea that attracts hundreds of thousand people every year.

The temperature of Maldives never change that much. It moves within the range of twenty five to thirty degree Celsius all over the world. Even there are some rainfalls and short time quick storms; from June to November is the better time to visit the city rather than the first half of the year, because of the sweet hotel deals. In this time of the year you can find a very good place just for forty dollar per night. If you are lucky enough you could get a four star hotel just for ninety dollars.

The city is very small and you can just walk around. The transportation system is not particularly great. There are ferries that travel in the water and take people from one island to another, though not very frequently and waiting might be frustrating. There are hirable motorbikes in the city. Also you can just get a taxi. Usually one to two dollars.

Where to stay in Male is completely a personal choice. As the city is so small you need to be anywhere particular to need to be near action, some might argue there is no action. Choose the best resort or hotel that suits your budget and meets your requirements, location is not a concern.

Maldives or Male won’t dump a huge bucket of food items on you and leave you confused, regretted about those you didn’t try. In popular items there are various types of fish like: Garudhiya (fish broth served with rice, lime, chili and onions), Mas huni (shredded smoked fish with grated coconuts and onions), Fihunu mas (barbecued fish with chili). Mas huni is the most popular breakfast item in the country. There are also some popular snacks, most of them made with fish and coconut like: baliya, gulha, masroshi etc. In a mid level restaurant, for two people, three courses of meal would cost around three fifty Maldivian currency that is Rufiyaa or twenty three USD.

Tourist spots of Malé


National Museum

A very nice and less crowded place to visit. You can just walk there, or hail a taxi. The place is full of thousands of ancient artifacts and objects from pre Islamic era. The museum was attacked by some outlaw in recent past damaging a lot of precious object with greatest historical significance. Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10AM to 5PM. Admission fee is 100 Rufiyaa for adults and 20 for children.
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Hukuru Miskiiy

This is one of the oldest mosques in the city and also in the world. It was established in 1656 by Ibrahim Iskandar. The mosque is situated opposite of Medhu Ziyarat and the Muleeage. Non Muslims cannot enter here without prior permission. It would be wise to go there before or after the prayer time. Before entering there do not forget to remove your shoes and women need to cover their faces out of respect.
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Muleeaage & Medhu Ziyaarath

This is the presidential residence of the country. It was built in early 20th century for the Sultan, though he lost power before he could move in. Then for almost 40 years it was used as government office. In 1953 it became presidential residence, but in 1994 Theemuge took its place. Though in 2009 President Gayoom took it as his residence. There is a tomb of Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary here, who brought Islam in this country in the middle of eleventh century.
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Islamic Centre (Maldives)

When you step down from the ferry on the Male land, you will notice the tip of the mosque’s golden dome. This is one of the famous and largest Islamic centers in the world capable of sheltering more than five thousand people at the same time. It is located at the centre of the city at Orchid Magu and you can just walk there.
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Hulhumale Island

This beautiful yet artificial island is in the south of North Male Atoll. The place is building up rapidly with housing and other commercial establishments. There is also abundance of café and restaurants. You can easily find a speed boat right beside the airport ferry to take you there. Might cost around 20-25 Rufiyaa.
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