Maldives Tourist Spots

On the South-East side of Sri Lanka, scattered over in the Indian Ocean, is the place where you get the next wallpaper of your computer the Maldives. The moment you get to look it, a blue lavish marine environment would strike your eyes with this mystical panorama that you never experienced anywhere else.

The country has consisted of 1192 small islands in strategic shipping locations. The population is disproportionate to its tiny size. 345,023 people live in 298 square kilometers area. The capital Male is one of the densest cities in the world. In spite of this population density, this country has a very warm and pleasant weather.

Economically the country is growing rapidly, even if it encountered some political turmoil in the recent past. The currency here is called Rufiyaa. 1 USD is equivalent to 15 Rufiyaa. There are plenty of hotel and resorts here. The prices are comparatively lower than the other part of the world.

The country is a Muslim country and some laws are strictly followed. Homosexuality is strictly illegal. If you are 18 and non-Muslim you will be served alcohol. Language won’t be a problem. The literacy rate is 98% and English is widely spoken. People are here are honest and helpful and the crime rate is low. You are likely to have a great time here.

Cities of Maldives