Delhi Tourist Spots

The capital city of India holds too much history and mystery in it. Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the world and goes back 5000 years. It has been destroyed and rebuilt over and over and over again. Some historians suggest it had been reconstructed more than ten times throughout its history.

Delhi is usually very hot and humid. In the hottest of the days the temperature rises as high as 45 Degree Celsius. Summer lasts from March from July. The best time to visit the city is in the winter season, from October to February. If you are used to live in a hotter climate and heat doesn’t bother that much you might go for a summer trip and if you are thinking about a late summer or early monsoon trip, be advised, humidity would still be there. The city has thousands of hotels and they are not that costly either, even in the most hectic times. You can find accommodation even in $2-$4, but those places would be filthy, unhealthy and unsafe. You would be able find some nice and great places to stay at under $20/night. If you look around, you might find some five star hotels costing $70-$80 per night.

Delhi is not a small city. The city is divided into six districts. The hotels are spread are all over the city. You will find the cheapest accommodation in the Paharganj area, which is centrally located but not highly recommended. On the other hand Karol Bagh and Connaught Place are quieter and have some great hotels.

The city offers its visitors with a lot traveling options. Metro services are available citywide, also there are public buses, taxis and auto rickshaws. The traffic situation is not great and public transports are always over crowed. If you are thinking about hiring a car keep that in mind.

The spicy and classy cuisines of the city still bear the legacy of the Mughal Empire. You will find a wide array of delicious Kebabs, Biriyani, Chaat and Momos. The cost of these foods is not that high. You can have budget meals three times a day within $6-$8. There are street food courts and restaurants in every corner of the town. While choosing one, keep an eye out for hygiene and cleanliness; and try to carry your own water. Mineral water bottles can be purchased from any grocery shop or departmental store.

Tourist spots of Delhi


Red Fort

When Mughal emperor Shahjahan decided to relocate the capital from Agra to Delhi, this gigantic octagonal shaped palace was built as his residence and it had been the resident for the Mughal rulers until the last Mughal emperor of Delhi Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled to Burma by the British in 1857 after a failed revolution. The Kohinoor diamond used to be one of the furniture here. If you are living in Karol Bagh it is around 7 Km away. You can take a taxi or auto rickshaw here, or get on the Chandni Chowk Metro. The fort remains closed on Monday. On the other days of the week it remains opened from dawn to dusk. Entry fee for the foreigners is Rs 250.
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Humayun’s Tomb

Mughal Emperor Humayun’s first wife made this tomb who was a Persian lady. That’s why this tomb reflects a nice combination of Mughal and Persian architecture. Taj Mahal’s architecture was greatly influenced by it. If you are travelling by Metro get the JLN Stadium ticket. It is around 7 Km from Connaught Place.
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Qutb Minar Complex

This is another great piece of Muslim architecture and one of the oldest monuments of the city. If traveling by Metro get a ticket for Qutb Minar. This place is quite far from Karol Bagh or Connaught Place. So Metro would be the best way to travel here. Opening hours are from 6AM-6PM every day.
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State Emporiums

A great place for shopping and understanding the culture of the country as the shops here would offer you products representing the diverse culture of almost every state of the country. This place is located at the Connaught Place. Opening hours are from 11 AM to 7 PM and remains closed on Sunday. Rajiv Chowk Metro would be the way of getting here by Metro rail.
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Lodi Gardens

This a nice park to spend a peaceful evening. There is also a nice old lake that goes back to the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. This place is around 6 Km away from Connaught Place. Metro Khan Market or Jor Bagh would take you here.
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