Tangail Tourist Spots

Settled by the capital city Dhaka, Tangail district is known as the central gateway of Bangladesh. Enriched with history, culture and values the city also famous for manufacturing some of the finest traditional clothing of the country and some scrumptious desserts. By geography, Tangail is said to be in the middle of Bangladesh whereas this is the largest
district in Dhaka division and the second largest in population after Dhaka. Neighbored by Dhaka, Manikganj, Mymensingh, Gazipur, and Sirajganj, the largest and mightiest rivers of Bangladesh, Jamuna and Brahmaputra River also flows by Tangail making it an ideal tourism destination for the people to love to set by water bodies in their leisure time. Tangail is also known for its rich history of rulers who kept their legacy behind where they have build palaces, gardens, lakes and ponds and many such iconic sites which are still alive and well preserved by the administration of Tangail. Tangail is also famous for its handicraft products which is said to be the core of the Bangladeshi identity.


Going to Tangail from Dhaka can be made through land only. Since this is the closest district to Dhaka, the local transport services like bus and CNGs are always available to drop by Tangail and to almost any place. These transports are mainly for the Tangail City where there are available transports from Tangail City to other places of the districts.

Dhaka to Tangail is almost 100km and most of the buses leave from Mohakhali Bus Terminal and arrive at the new Tangail Bus Terminal. The list of available bus services can be like, Jhotika, Dholeswari, Nirala which departs and arrives in the terminals listed above and the costs are between BDT 120 to BDT 160. These services are non A/c where the A/c service is name Sonia Enterprise which has their own terminal in Kallayanpur Dhaka but arrives at Tangail Bus terminal. The cost of the service is BDT 250 and the contact number is +8801704811006.

There is also train service available from Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka and the notables are Sirajganj Express, Padma Express, Ekota Express, Silk City Express, Rangpur Express and many more. These train services are not Tangail based but they drop by passengers in Tangail Railway Station at the Tangail city and then move to the destination that is has started with.

Chamcham is a very famous dish from Tangail and it is basically a hard but moist form of sweet curd. The sweet is made in Porabari area of Tangail district.

Tourist spots of Tangail


Bangabandhu Bridge

This is the largest bridge in Southeast Asia and is also in the top 20 longest bridge list in the world. This bridge is iconic for traveling because of its length which is 5 km and also this bridge host two types of transport facilities, road vehicles, and rail transports. How to get there? There are local buses available to the toll post of the bridge. Up the bridge, there is no other transport medium but walking is the only way. But if anyone wants to see the bridge and as well as the river, there are different boats available on the river.
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Mohera Jamidarbari

Constructed in 1972, this arena was contrasted to train zonal police which later was turned into police academy in 1992. The place is located in Modera of Mirzapur Upazilla and is near to Dhaka Tangail Highway. How to get there? There are local transports available from Tangail Town where one have to arrive in Jamuka Bus stand beside the highway. After the arrival is done, there is another to be crossed by the bus stand and after few moments the place is reached.
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Atia Mosque

This is a heritage site which is a five century year old mosque. Atia name has been derived from the word ‘Ata’ which means ‘Donating to poor’. The Bengal Islamic ancestors wanted to enrich the livelihood of the poor by building this mosque and also spread Islam. The mosque is 8km from Tangail Town and in Delduar Upazilla. How to get there? Transportation to the site from Tangail City is only made by CNGs. There are bus transports but since the site is in very inside of the upazilla, CNGs are ideal transport considered to go to the site.
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Upendra Shorobor

This is a manmade lake dug in 14 th Century by the times richest landlord Rae Bahadur for his peasants to collect drinkable water in Nagorpur upazilla, Tangail. The lake is big to 11 acres of space and 12 staircase build around to take the water. There are also 6 deep well made so that through the well hygiene water can be supplied all year. How to get there? As the site is very inside the location, eligible transports are CNG from Tangail town or one can take rickshaw but the expedition would be broken in between for it is quite a distant from the town. There is no direct bus service from the place.
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Pakutia Jamidarbari

This is basically a palace complex that was built by three sons of the Pakutia Family. Three sons have three palaces with three temples over looking their palace. The palace was built around early 1910s. How to get there? The palace is in the remote area of Tangail and for which the transport is CNG only.
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Elenga Resort

This is a recreation spot of many bungalows, picnic spots, mini amusement park, mini zoo and lot more. The site is in the middle of brightly alive green environment and people in attach with green are surely suggested to visit the place. How to get there? The local transports are available till the resorts from Tangail Town. The local transports are like bus services, CNG services and there are rickshaw rides too.
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Shawpno Bilash Zoo

This zoo is a zoo of alive and preserved animals. The preservation is mostly of dead animals which are preserved for different displays. There are also animal monuments for the most attraction and educational part. How to get there? The journey has to be made from Tangail Town to Nagorpur Upazilla by the local busesor CNGs and then go to Dhubria Union to reach the site. If journey made by local bus then there has to be breaks in between and if CNGs of personal transport, then there can be direct journey made.
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