Sylhet Tourist Spots

In the midst of magnificent hills and the majestic Surma valley, stands the beautiful city of Sylhet, one of the greatest tourist attractions of Bangladesh, with a myriad of natural beauty to offer. Sylhet has an exceptionally wonderful climate. Even in the hottest days, a chilled breeze wave down from the mighty Himalaya to make you feel all better, but still the best time to travel is in the winter season, from November to February.

You should avoid a rainy season for two reasons, one is obviously because it rains in rainy seasons and the other one is the ‘not so great’ communication system. Bangladesh might be a developing country with a lot of potentials but tourism is not in the priorities and that’s why you will find it quite troubling to travel to some of the finest tourist attractions for banged-up roads and lousy transportation services. In the rainy season’s roads get all muddy and as it is off season some of the facilities will be unavailable that makes it more irritating. Note that all the major attractions are far from the city in remote areas. If you are thinking you would be able to find some pretty sweet hotel deals in the offseason; you are right, to some extent. Hotel prices are not too high anyway and the discount rate you might get won’t make too much of a difference.


There is no shortage of good hotels in the city. If you travel in the winter you won’t even need an air-conditioned room. Within $10-$12 you should find a decent place to stay. Service might not be able to compete at a world-class level but still rooms will be nice and clean. Between $25-$30 dollars there are some really great places to stay.


Traveling within the city is no problem. The whole city filled with rickshaws. They are very enjoyable and cheap. The roads are very spacious and clean so you can go for a nice relaxing walk if you want. The city is only 26 square kilometer so choosing an area to stay is not an issue here. The dargha road and police line road have some pretty nice hotels.


The most visited restaurant in the city is Vojonbari, Pach Vai restaurant, and Undal. Undal is famous for its Biriyani. There are many other restaurants and for three times a day not so fancy meal would cost less than $10.

Tourist spots of Sylhet



55 kilometer away from the city this is the best attraction of Sylhet. On the India-Bangladesh border you will be struck by the splendid beauty of the transparent water of the lake, the majestic waterfall and rolling stones of the hills. There is frequent bus services that will take you to Jaflong. Fare is 60 BDT and it will take around 2 hours from the city. You will have to take boat ride that will show you all the nearby attractions and costing depends on your bargaining skills and you would be able to share as well. Start from 500 BDT.
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The green carpet of Sreemangal filled with too many tea gardens is around 80 Kilometers away from Sylhet. One might argue that Sreemangal is more exciting than Sylhet itself, with its dense rainforests, tribal villages and the abundance of tea estates, including the largest one of the world. You will find bus very easily and in Sreemangal there are some awesome hotels and resorts. The latest sensation is the Grand Sultan which is gorgeous and it is costly. For more information:
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Around 35Km North-West of the Sylhet city is the peaceful and the only swamp forest of the country, Ratarful. Going there is easy; you will find frequent buses from the bus stand very easily. All you have to do is stepping out of the hotel and hire a rickshaw to the bus station, but you might find it a bit of hardship while exploring the spot itself.
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Lawacherra National Park

Another place with breath taking green beauty is located 60 Km away from the city. Actually it is only 10 Km away from Sreemangal, so it would be wiser to visit this well preserved rain forest and national park while you are in Sreemangal.
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Madhabkunda Waterfall & Eco Park

The largest waterfall of the country and only 15 min away from the waterfall is a nice Eco Park. To get here you will have to get on a bus from Sylhet and take a 2 Hour journey to this place. There is no bus from 11 Am till 3 Pm, so plan accordingly.
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