Sherpur Tourist Spots

Sherpur district is one of the four districts of Mymensingh Division. It is one of the border districts of Bangladesh and its landmass is shared by Mymensingh and Jamalpur District where the old Brahmaputro River flows by. The district is one of the oldest districts of Bangladesh where it was the Capital of the Kamarupa Kingdom in Before Christ time and which later was captured and reenacted by many other Kingdom reigns. It was also a very important part for the Mughal Emperors and later captured by the British East India Company. It also had natural incidents where a powerful earthquake changed the course of the Brahmaputra River from flowing east to west and later forcing it to meet with Jamuna River.

Going to Sherpur can be made in two ways by land road and by rail road. Land roads have bus services of both A/c and Non A/c services and some of the services are like A/C Deluxe, Sherpur Chamber of Commerce, Bangladesh Martyr Foundation Transport, Sadika Transport, Badhua and Sherpur Collectorate Worker Welfare Foundation Service. These buses mostly start from Mohakhali Bus Terminal and from Gulistan of Dhaka and they charge in between BDT 150 to BDT 300. The train services are not direct and they drop passenger while going for Jamalpur. The fares are similar to bus fares but just for ease of communication many commuters travels in trains.

Tourist spots of Sherpur



This is basically a national park which is located in Lalitabari Upazilla of Sherpur. Here the travelers would be welcomed with the natural beauty, flora and fauna and natural water bodies. How to go there? Going from Sherpur Town is through local buses which would drop tourists in Lalitabari Bazar and from there, there are local transports like rickshaw, auto rickshaw and microbuses to the Modhutila
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Panihata Tarani Hills

The destination is near the border area and is near to Modhutila spot. The best part here is the hill hiking where travelers sees the immense beauty of sky meeting the horizon. It is in Ramchandropur Union of Nalitabari Upazilla which is 19 kilometers off from Sherpur district directly. How to go there? This spot is at Nalitabari Upazilla of Sherpur district near the Bangladesh India Border where going from the Sherpur Town has to be by local bus first to Nalitabri Upazilla then there are rickshaw till few kilometers. Later the travelers have to walk and hike up the mountains.
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Gojoni Leisure Centre

This a multipurpose leisure spot built in the natural environment of Sherpur district. It is basically a national forest enclave with mountains, waterfalls and also different other man made entertaining activity. It has a theme park along with botanical gardens and picnic spot too. The location is in the Jhinaegavi upazilla of Sherpur where the distance is 30 km off from Sherpur Town. How to go there? There are highway bus to go to Gojoni and are easily found in the district bus stand. The transportation is direct here and with BDT 50 fare
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Sutanal Lake

It is one of the historical lakes of Sherpur District with century old of heritages. The lake is partial natural and partial man made. The lake was made enacted by then a Garon King for after his wife’s name which is also known as Komola Rani Lake. There was a small hut in the lake where the King used to use it as a leisure spot but now there are ruins only. How to go there? Travelers have to first go to Nalitabari Upazilla from Sherpur town first by local bus then they have to travel to the lake by rickshaw, auto rickshaw or other local facilities.
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Nayabari Tila

This is another natural reservoir in Sherpur and is partial abandoned as well. The reasons are the elephants that are equally beautiful and also harmful when they are seen in nighttime. How to go there? There are local transports available from any part of Sherpur Town and the transportation is direct as well. Most people are for hiking here.
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Raja Mountain And Babelakona

The spot is a natural place enclave with natural beauties of lakes and mountains where still there are people who have adjusted to live with this beauty and not harming much of the environment. The local villagers offer their place for nice stay and enjoy the night serene of the village, the mountains and the environment around. The village people here are known as Babelakon for which the place is named after and the mountains are named after the King who once used to rule this place but the identity of the king is unknown. There are also ruins of few of the architectures which are yet to be known. How to go there? There are direct bus services from the Sherpur Town to the Sthan Market of Sribrodi upazilla then there are local transport services to Babelakona.
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Kola Bagan

The place is a recreation spot in Sherpur Town which is a private property and currently known as Orchid Tourist Spot. The spot is indulged with immense beauty of flora and fauna where there are ponds and different types of trees, shrubs and herbs and also zoo of different types of animals. This was basically a pilot project of the spot’s owner where he aimed to preserve the endangered types of trees and related plants. How to go there? The spot is in the town and the local transports like rickshaws are ideal to go to the spot.
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