Shariatpur Tourist Spots

Shariatpur district is in the middle part of Bangladesh and under the administration of Dhaka Division. The name of the district was originated from the Haji Shariatullah who founded Faraizi Movement and was an Islamic preacher during the British Era. This district got its district title at 1981 and now has neighbors by Munshiganj, Barishal, Chandpur and Madaripur. Two of the gigantic rivers of Bangladesh, Padma and Meghna River flow by the district along with two other small rivers Palong and Jayanti. This district has the glory of giving martyrs of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War and where there was always a win during the whole 9 months of the war. Other than the history of Liberation War and the British Era, it also has the glorious history of ancient Bengal where many evidence was found of royalty and elegance.

Dhaka to Shariatpur has a very close distance to cover of only and which has been improved after it got divided in after 1981. There are only two ways to go to Shariatpur, land roads and water ways. Land roads are basically of bus services and Dhaka to Shariatpur distance is approximately is 70km.
For bus service, there is an only transport service of Glory Express Limited which leaves from Saydabad Bus Terminal of Dhaka and are leaving terminal from 09.30am to 05.00pm and only in 4 slots. Apart from travelling by bus, the district also offers to travel by water ways in ferries and launches which is basically the major transport to go in Shariatpur. The launch service departs from Sadarghat of Dhaka and arrives at different ports of Shariatpur. Some of the services can be like, Prince of Awlad, Shawrnadip-7, Miraz, Noria-1 & 2, Mouchak and many more. They have services over deck and cabin of single and dual. The prices of deck vary from BDT 25 to BDT 120 and the cabin ranges from BDT 250 to BDT 500. Other than launch services, there is also services of speed boats, ferries and trawlers which have costs like BDT 10 to BDT 100 per person. There are no air or rail services to Shariatpur.

Shariatpur’s Famous foods are its different sort of pitha (traditional cakes) of different flavors and designs. They are mostly sweet but there can be tastes like spicy, salty and even mixed as well. The shapes also vary in different places. Pitha name can be like pooli pitha, bhapa pitha, shabji pitha and many more.

Tourist spots of Shariatpur


Raamsadhu Asylum

The asylum is a mini palace of once Bengal landlord Sir Srijukto Kaali Kishor Ratna which is embraced by his history and his religion preaching in the area. This palace was later turned into asylum, temple and religious complex and is currently century old architecture. The palace is still famous for the Hindu Teaching and also host 3 day long village fair each winter. How to go there? From Shariatpur Town, travelers have to go by local bus to Naria Upazilla Town and then take rickshaw to the place. There are also auto tempo services available to the destination.
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Dhanuka Monsha House

It is another several century old house build by once native Hindu locals. This houses once hosted the preaching on Hindu religion which are currently now abandoned and a heritage site. How to go there? The house is by the Shariatpur Town and travelers can go by rickshaw. It would cost maximum BDT 10-20
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Fatehjangpur Fort

The fort was acquired by the Mughal Empire when they were in venture of capturing this part of Bengal. When they have successfully won war and captured the kingdom of King Kedar Rai, this fort was named after the victory and was then called Fatehjangpur Fort. This fort was abandoned after Mughals left Bengal and is now a heritage and an abandoned site How to go there? Travelers have to take bus from Shariatpur Town to Naria and then take direct rickshaw till the destination.
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Rudrokar Shrine

This is a shrine built almost two centuries back and was for preaching Hindu Religion. There isn’t much information retrieved by the archeological department but only this much detail was found. The shrine is totally abandoned but under the care of Bangladesh Archeological Department. How to go there? The shrine is situated in Rudrokar Union and it is an outskirt of Shariatpur Town. There are rickshaw and auto tempos easily going from Shariatpur Town to the shrine directly.
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Burir Haat Mosque

The time of establishment is still not known but it is said to be constructed during the times of Mughal later which got modernized in timely interval. By the exteriors, historians predict the site to be last renovated almost 100 years back. How to go there? The mosque is bit off from Shariatpur Town still a bit close to take rickshaw or auto tempos. There are also local buses available which goes via this place.
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Anandabazar Embankment Area

The area is a water body embankment in the Bhedorganj Upazilla which is known to be beautiful for its water environment. How to go there? The travelers have to first go to Bhedorganj Upazilla first then they have to go to the embankment area by rickshaw or local transportation.
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Z. H. Shikder Science And Technology University

The University is a famous spot due to pioneer establishments in the district. And the architecture is also well known with the adequate and up to date facilities required by all the students. How to go there? Travelers have to visit Bhedorganj first by direct bus services from Shariatpur Town. After arriving in Behdorganj Town, there are rickshaw services to the university area.
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