Satkhira Tourist Spots

Being one of the most well-known districts all over Bangladesh Satkhira has its own appeal for tourists and visitors. Located within the Khulna Division, Satkhira is located on the southern end of Bangladesh. It is bounded geographically by Jessore in the north, Paragana district of West Bengal to the west, Khulna to the east and Bay of Bengal in the south. It is the intersection point for many of Bangladesh’s minor rivers such as Sonai, Raimanga, Betrabati and Hariabhanga to name a few. Consisting of 9 ward and 31 mahallas other than the major divisional town Satkhira was placed under the jurisdiction of Jessore in 1861, later falling under Khulna in 1882.

Being one of the most important commercial hubs in Bangladesh Satkhira has a strong network system connecting it with the other major parts of the country. The distance between Dhaka to Satkhira is 324.2 km which is roughly a 11-14 hours journey. Water transport is also used mainly within the outlying districts of Satkhira since the waterways are mainly formed by the nearby rivers rather than any of the main rivers in Bangladesh. Currently all of the major road transport operators provide transportation to Satkhira. Common operators include Hanif, SP Golden Line, Satkhira Express, Yellow Line, AK Travels, and HR Travels. Ticket prices range from Bdt. 500 to Bdt. 800 depending on transport operator chosen for the journey. Currently there are no launch services from Dhaka to Satkhira due to there being no major rivers flowing within Satkhira.

Accommodation & Food
Due to a large number of people visiting Satkhira all round the year for business and tourism, there are several hotels and a resort in Satkhira. Satkhira is mainly known for its superb shrimps, sugarcane and potato production. One can easily taste various shrimp and prawn dishes in Satkhira at cheap prices in most hotels. Also sugarcane juice is very popular in Satkhira and vendors sell it for BDT 10 per glass on roadsides.

Travel Destinations
The local culture and traditions of Satkhira are strong which is apparent from the various tourist spots and attractions scattered throughout the district. Some of the most prominent tourist spots in and around Satkhira are briefly discussed below with instructions on how to reach those points of interest.

Tourist spots of Satkhira


Tetulia Shahi Mosque

Locally known as the Khan Bahadur Salamatullah Masjid the Tetulia Shahi mosque was founded between 1858-59 by Khan Bahadur Maulavi Quazi Salmmatullah Khan who was the then Zamindar of tetulia village. It has the distinction of being one of the oldest Mughal structures in the vicinity. The six domed mosque was built in accordance with standard Mughal architecture with intricate designs and plates in the interior of the mosque. How to go there? The Tetulia Shahi mosque is located in the Tetulia village of Tala upazilla in atkhira district. It is located 18 km away from Satkhira. One has to avail a bus or CNG to reach Tetulia village. From there one can take a rickshaw or walk to the location.
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Shyamnagar Zamindar Bari

The Shyamnagar Zamindar bari is one of the oldest zamindar bari’s left standing in Satkhira. Locally it is known as the ‘Haricharan Zamindar Bari’. It was originally built by zamindar Haricharan Rai Chowdhury the then zamindar of Nakipur, Shyamnagar. It is a huge structure consisting of 45 rooms. As of now it is in deteriorating conditions due to lack of government effort. How to go there? This Zamindar Bari is located at Nakipur village of Shyamnagar upazilla of Satkhira. It is roughly 15 km form Satkhira town. One can avail a CNG or a bus to travel to the location.
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Tenga Iswarpur Mosque

The Tenga Iswarpur mosque is one of the most prominent Mughal structures in Satkhira built during the Mughal period. Its origins are shrouded in myths. According to one local legend it was built by Raja Pratapditya for his Muslim subjects while another legend refers to General Raja Mansingh in Akbar’s army.But more likely it was constructed by Mughal officers stationed there after the defeat of Raja Pratapditya. Its uniqueness lies in being one of the few five-domed mosques with all the domes in a straight line. How to go there? This mosque is located at the Tenga village under Tenga Union under Shyamnagar Upazaill of Satkhira. Being roughly 20 km distance by road one has to travel by bus or CNG to reach the location.
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Jeshoreshwari Kali Temple

eshoreshwari Kali temple is one of the most prominent and oldest temples in Bangladesh. The founding of this temple is rooted in Hindu mythology with belief being that a body part of the goddess Jeshoreshwari fell where the temple was founded. The temple was built on the order of Raja Pratapyaditya. This temple consists of 100 doors. How to go there? This temple is located in the Ishwaripur village of Shyamnagar. The location is roughly 17km form Satkhira town. One has to take a bus or CNG to visit the location.
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Mozaffer Garden Resort

Mozaffer garden resort is one of the biggest and most beautiful resorts in Bangladesh. Located only a short distance from Satkhira town, this resort was built over 40 acres of land. The scenery in the resort is very serene and soothing. The resort is comprised of 50 rooms that are equipped with all modern amenities and facilities. How to go there? Mozaffer Garden Resort is located only 5 km away from Satkhira town. One can avail a CNG or rickshaw to visit the location.
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