Rangpur Tourist Spots

Rangpur district is the new prime district of Bangladesh’s 7th division Rangpur and is one of the oldest district as well. Once an important district for the Mughals, Rangpur was later unprivileged for a very long period of time after the Mughal reign ceased till the time Bangladesh was liberated. From the time of Bangladesh’s liberation Rangpur underwent massive changes where the main focus was on agriculture and medium-sized industries. One of the largest industries in Bangladesh was founded in this district known as Rangpur Foundry Limited or RFL. Hence with this, the district gathered the entire name it has and has proved eligible to control a division of it. On the neighborhood, Rangpur have north by Nilphamari District, on the south by Gaibandha District, on the east by Kurigram, and on the west by Dinajpur district.

Travelling to Rangpur has now become very easy and reliable. There are three routes available to the district where the most reliable is the bus transits where the air route is the most flexible. The newly added train route has transformed the ease of transportation in greater ways. The bus route has services of both A/c and Non A/c variety. The services are Nabil Paribahan, Shuvo Bosundhara Paribahan, S.R Travels (Pvt) Ltd, Agomony Express, Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd, Rozina Enterprise, Dipjol Enterprise and Hanif Enterprise. The departure time of the services is from 05.30 am to 11.30 pm where the price ranges from BDT 400 to BDT 1500. Along with that, the flight services are also notable. For these, people have to travel to and from Nilphamari District where the airport is located. There are services US-Bangla Airlines 151 & 153, Novoair 961 & 965 and Biman 493 in different times and days. The ticket prices vary from BDT 3000 to BDT 5000. The train services here are the new addition to the district’s communications which were added in 2011. It is known as Rangpur Express where there are both A/c and Non A/c Services and the price ranges from BDT 70 to BDT 1200. The train departs from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station at 09.00 am and this is the only time that it is available.

Tourist spots of Rangpur


Hati Bandha Shrine

This shrine was formed by an unknown Islamic preacher where the time of formation is also unknown. It is said by the locals that the shrine is believed to fulfill the wishes and desires of people. The shrine provides food to poor people every Friday and this has been a tradition of the shrine for a very long time. How to go there? The location is 3 km off from the town where the local transports are available all the time.
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Tajhat Landlord Palace

The palace was once a business hub for gold and different gems sold in the area. The palace is currently used as a museum and holds the traditional old designs and architectures intact. How to go there? The palace is 3 km from Rangpur Town. Since the location is close by the town, local transports are easily available.
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Chiklir Beel

This is a lake just beside Rangpur Town. It is a natural lake widely famous for the flora fauna and birds which arrive every winter. Visitors are advised to visit the place in winter if they want to see the birds in particular and as for natural beauty, all seasons are suitable. How to go there? Since the site is near to the town, there is less hassle for transportations. Any local transport is easily available to the location.
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Rangpur Town Hall

The basic structure of the town hall was built during the year 1891 which was funded by King Mahima Ranjan Rai. He had great admiration for culture and helped the initiative with the motive that Rangpur would be a city of music, dance and culture ethnic. His initiative was successful and still serves the same purpose. How to go there? Rangpur Town Hall is in the middle of the city hence the transport system is easily availed to get to the location.
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Mithpukur Teen Kaataar Mosque

The mosque is a 19th century construction. The mosque was built by a commoner named Sheikh Mohammad Aser. He constructed this mosque for the preaching of Islam. The architecture is very ordinary with terracotta of floral designs. There are beautifully curved designs on the minar and several towers. Prayers are still conducted inside the mosque. How to go there? The mosque is situated at the Mithapukur Upazilla which is on the outskirts of Rangpur Town. The local transports are available to the area.
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Begum Rokeya Memorial Centre

The memorial center is a tribute to one of the most renowned philanthropists and women rights’ activists, Begum Rokeya. She fought for women’s education, equal opportunity and zero gender bias. The center now holds her works and achievements and has other amenities alongside. How to go there? The center is in Mithapukur Upazilla which is on the outskirts of the town. The local transports are available to the site easily.
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Itakumari Landlord Palace

The palace was built by the landlord Shivchandra Itakumari who was a prominent activist for the rights of the lower income people. He wanted to ensure that these people get their rights and their objectives are fulfilled. Currently the palace is in ruins and there is little possibility of renovation. How to go there? The palace is just 7 km from Rangpur Town. Local transports are easily available to the site hence it would not be much of a trouble to visit the palace.
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