Rangamati Tourist Spots

Rangamati is a small hillside town located on the South-eastern side of the country, 77 KM away from Chittagong division. The town itself is not that big but the district of Rangamati is the largest district of Bangladesh.

Like most of the places in South Asia, the best time to visit Rangamati is in the winter season, from November to February, when there is usually no rainfall and the atmosphere remains cold and dry. Rangamati is also known as the lake city of Bangladesh because of its abundance of lakes. The city itself also stands by the majestic Kaptai lake. If you decide to visit in the off-season look out for the muddy and slippery streets. You might get some discounts in the hotels though, but it might not worth it. The place doesn’t have too many hotels, and the hotels and resorts it has costs around $20-$25 per night. If you bargain you might get a better price.


One awesome thing about Bangladesh is there is no traffic jam outside Dhaka. The population density of Rangamati is only 83/Km and that’s why it is extremely easy and pleasant to travel around the city. The only transportation there are the Green CNGs and rickshaws. The cost is cheap and they are everywhere, so moving around is not going to be an issue here. There is also an option for sharing CNGs as well. But even if you want to reserve a CNG the fare usually starts from 30-35 Taka to 100 Taka or more based on the distance and time. You are going to have to show some negotiation skill there though.


You can stay at Kathaltali, it is the heart of the town and from here it will be easier to get transpiration or get access to the shopping center and restaurants.


Being a tribal area Rangamati has its own way with cuisines. Apart from traditional Bengali or Chinese dishes, they have some specialized items of their own like Chumath Kurahera (Chicken Cooked in Bamboo), Kuraheraloy Vachchuri Dik (Stuffed Chicken in Bamboo Shoots), Maach Kebang (Fish Baked in Banana Leaf), Maach Gudya (Mashed Fish). Try eating at ‘Peda ting-ting’ and ‘tuk tuk eco-village’ for the greatest meals.

Tourist spots of Rangamati


Kaptai Lake

This magnificent natural beauty is a little bit far from the main town. This is the largest artificial lake of the country and a treat for your eyes and soul. From Kathaltali the lake is around 13 Km away. When you reach here hire a boat, and that would take you to some popular attractions around the lake like the Shuvalong Falls or the beautiful hanging bridge. Note that, due to security reasons foreigners cannot visit all the attractions. If you can manage some special permits then it’s a different thing though.
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Peda Ting Ting

The meaning of ‘Peda Ting Ting’ is ‘Eat to the fullest’. This place is famous for its Bamboo Chicken. The other items are also great and let you taste some authentic exotic cuisine that is surely going to make some impact. This is actually a resort. If you want to stay there you need to book in advance. To get here first you need to get to Kaptai Lake. Hire a boat from there and that will take you to the resort.
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Chakma Rajbari

This Rajbari was built by Raja Tridiv Roy, father of Raja Devasish Roy in 1960 when the earlier palace went under water due to commissioning of Kaptai dam. You need to hire a CNG to get here. It is around 6 Km away from the Rangamati city. This is one of the major attractions in Rangamati.
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Tribal Cultural Institute Museum

This is a well organized Museum 4 Km away from Kathaltali, at Manik Chari Road, displays various traditional artifacts and objects related to the tribal population of the country; like costumes, flutes, various coins, necklaces, animal traps etc. You are going to find a map there which shows the location of the different tribes in the region. There are some books as well on ‘Chakma’ and ‘Marma’ tribe from the 18th century. It remains closed at Fridays and other government holidays.
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Bana Vihara Monastery

To reach here you need go via either Rajbari Ghat, or a bridge a little bit further in the west. It is a big Buddhist Monastery. In 1972 Chakma Buddhist monks built this place. It is in the Raj Ban bihar, 3 Km away from Kathaltali.
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