Rajshahi Tourist Spots

One of the oldest and culturally strong divisions of Bangladesh is Rajshahi. Also known as the Silk City for its booming silk production, the district itself is of mesmerizing natural beauty. It has a bustling commercial metropolitan city that is interconnected with roads from all parts of Bangladesh due to its commercial importance. With 10 of the major rivers of Bangladesh, the trade and commerce of Rajshahi have always been historically influential and remain so even now. The Naogaon district lies to the north of Rajshahi, Natore stands on the eastern side and on the south are the Padma river and Chapainawabganj. Rajshahi is also significant for both Muslims and Hindus because some of the most renowned mosques and the temple of the followers of these religions in Bangladesh are located in this region.

Rajshahi city is the most peaceful, clean, beautiful, charming city enriched with culture, heritage, and well-educated population.


As mentioned before, the means and mediums of communications are one of the strongest aspects of Rajshahi. It has good transportation across all three mediums of the road, water, and air transport. The distance from Dhaka to Rajshahi is almost 245 km, a roughly 6-8 hour ride by bus. Majority of the local transport operator like SA Paribahan, SR Paribahan, Greenline, Hanif etc provide highway coach services on a daily basis. The average bus fare for Non A/C coaches form Dhaka to Rajshahi costs Bdt, 350. In case of A/C coaches the fare varies between Bdt 500- Bdt 700. But I would suggest to go by train, regular railway transportation is available. The average train fare Bdt 250 to 800 based on the choice of the compartment. Rajshahi also boasts one of the few major airports in the country. Domestic flights are available on a regular and weekly basis by different airlines. US Bangla Airlines, GMG Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines etc all provide services with ticket fares ranging from Bdt 2800 to Bdt 7000.


As mentioned before, Rajshahi is one of the major trading hubs of Bangladesh as a result of which there is always a constant flux of visitors for business purposes. This has led to the establishment of some very good hotels in Rajshahi.


While Rajshahi is traditionally known for its sweet mangoes, the different types of pitches and sweets popular all across the country deserve a special mention.

Travel Destinations

Rajshahi is more renowned for its historical destinations and heritage than natural beauty among tourists and travelers. Muslim mosques and Hindu temples of different eras have attracted and still attract throngs of visitors to Rajshahi. Some of the major tourist spots and attractions in Rajshahi are detailed below.

Tourist spots of Rajshahi


Goalkandi Zamindar Bar

Another tourist favorite, this location is in Rajshahi is Goalkandi Zamindar Bari. Located in Goalkandi, this Zamindar bari predates the British Rule in India. Currently, due to lack of maintenance and conditioning the zamindar bari is falling to disrepair. It is a huge structure of more than 40 rooms with a pond and temple in the premises. Most of the main Zamindar bari has decayed a lot, which has resulted in a decrease of visitor flow recently. How to go there? The Goalkandi Zamindar bari is located in the Goalkandi Union of Rajshahi. It takes about two hours to reach the location from Rajshahi. One has to first take local transportation or bus to Goalkandi Union. From there the Zamindar bari can be reached quite easily by rickshaw.
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The Remains Of Nishinda Raj

In the mid 14th century the Rajshahi area was rule by a benevolent ruler named Nishinda Raj. The remains of his palace are locally called the remains of Nishinda Raj. The palace stands partially upright with most of it having fallen and broken before proper archeological preservation methods were introduced in Bangladesh. The remains are often frequented by local visitors due to the beautiful scenery surrounding the remains. How to go there? The remains of Nishinda Raj are located in Aloknagar near Rajshahi. By local transportation, it takes one hour to reach the site. One has to first travel to Taherpur Pouroshova from Rajshahi city and avail a rickshaw and from there to visit the location.
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Puthia Rajbari

Another important place of note in Rajshahi that is popular among tourists is the Puthia Rajbari. The Puthia Rajbari used to be home to the rulers of Rajshahi until the Mughals conquered the region and amalgamated the whole region with Bengal. Despite being almost as old as Puthia temple, the Puthia Rajbari is comparatively in better condition. Though the whole place has decayed extensively, it has been renovated to a large extent by the archeological department of Bangladesh. How to go there? To reach this location the same methods followed to reach the Puthia temple are to be followed. The distance between Puthia temple and Puthia Rajbari is very small and one can easily walk between the two locations if one chooses to.
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Puthia Temple

Puthia temple is one of the oldest temples in Rajshahi and Bangladesh overall. This temple was establishe by Raja Narendra Chandra in the early 13th century. This temple has intricate architecture and beautiful designs. It was mainly made in honor of the Hindu god Brahma. Currently this site is well maintained thanks to the efforts of the Archeology Department. How to go there? Puthia temple is quite near Rajshahi city. One simply has to hire a rickshaw or CNG to travel to the destination. The temple is located in BIjaynagar of Kumarpur upazilla.
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