Pirojpur Tourist Spots

Primarily well known for some picnic spots and zamindar baris, Pirojpur is a district of multiple religious and cultural structures of different religions over here. Being part of the Barisal division, this district is geographically bordered to the north by Barisal and Gopalganj, Barguna to the southern side, to the eastern side Jhalokathi and Barguna again and Bagerhat and the largest mangrove forest Sundarban in the western side. Pirojpur has also one of the highest literacy rates in Bangladesh with an average literacy of 66% between males and females.

The transportation is mostly dependant on the waterways in this part of the country and more than any other region in Bangladesh. By road, the distance from Dhaka to Pirojpur is 270 km and by launch transportation, through waterway, the distance is 226 km. Most of the major transport operators offer bus services to Pirojpur. The options of both A/C and non A/C coaches are available for traveling to Pirojpur. Most transport operators offer multiple coaches at different times of the day, with the average ticket price ranging from BDT 450 to BDT 900 differ on the type of coach. Most popular transport operators are SR Paribahan, SA Paribahan, and Purbasha Paribahan. The roads from Barisal to Pirojpur are not well developed; as a result, the last stretch of the journey takes quite some time.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
Roads are not that well developed within the city as well, but plenty of rickshaws and auto rickshaws could be found.
The city doesn’t offer any special food items and the restaurant situation is not good. As the city is far from being a tourist spot such business development hasn’t been able to take place in this region. Pirojpur has a few standard hotels for tourists and businessmen; but expecting a high quality service won’t be wise. Some of them are mentioned below for reference.

Travel Destinations
As mentioned before, Pirojpur is not considered as a tourist spot, yet it does offer some pleasing traveling destination in terms of sightseeing and archeology. Some of the major tourist spots of Pirojpur are discussed below, including some of the zamindar bari’s also included.

Tourist spots of Pirojpur


Residence Of Poet Ahsan Habib

Ahsan Habib was one of the most renowned figures of Bangla literature. The house that he lived in is located in Pirojpur. Currently, it's under the responsibility of the culture ministry and they do their best to preserve the location. Inside the house are a lot of the poet's personal belongings and unfinished poems. How to go there? The house of the poet is located quite near Pirojpur town. One can easily avail a rickshaw to visit the location. Walking could also be a good way of reaching there.
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Sarengkathi Picnic Spot

One of the most popular spots among both locals and tourists is the Sarengkathi picnic spot. Located at the outskirts of Pirojpur, this is a place of immense beauty. The spot itself is quite large with a small lake inside it. It’s mostly packed during the afternoon when the sunset lends a nice touch to its beauty. How to go there? As mentioned before, this picnic spot is located just a few kilometers outside Pirojpur. One can avail a rickshaw from Korfa Bazar to Jalabari Kheyaghat and from there they can easily find the picnic spot.
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Swarupkathi Guava Gardens

Another prime tourist attraction in Pirojpur is Swarupkathi guava gardens. As the name implies, this garden is mostly comprised of Guava trees. This garden is also one of the largest guava gardens in the country, supplying about 12% of total market produce. The garden has been grown in such a way that it also doubles as park without hampering any of the ongoing agricultural activities. The garden is open from morning till the evening. How to go there? The Swarupkathi Guava Farms is locatedin the Nesrabad upazilla of Pirojpur. One has to travel to Nesrabad from Pirojpur by bus first. From there local transport can be availed to reach the garden.
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Parerhat Zamindar Bari

Parerhat Zamindar bari is one of the oldest zmaindar baris in the district of Pirojpur. It was built in the late 1880s and still stands today. The decoration in the andarmahal is superb with wide spacious rooms reflecting British architecture. How to go there? Parerhat Zamindar Bari is located in the Ziyanagar upazilla of Pirojpur. One has to first travel to Ziyanagar by local bus. From there one can easily avail a rickshaw to the location.
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Kuriyana Anukul Thakurs Asram

Anukul Thakur’s Asram in kuriyana is one of the more religiously significant locations in Pirojpur. Established by Anukul Thakur, it is a charity organization that takes care of poor and sick people regardless of religious affiliation. The asram is over 50 years old and is spread over a large building. How to go there? This is asram is located in Sawrupkathi of Nesrabad upazilla of Pirojpur, To reach the location one has to first travel to Nesrabad by bus. Once reaching there, local transportation can be availed to reach the location.
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Azim Farazi’s Mazar

Azim Farazi’s mazar is also another historically significant tourist spot in Pirojpur. Built in dedication to pir Azim Farazi, this mazar was established in the early 1900s. The mazar has a substantial number of followers among the locals. How to go there? This mazar is located in Durgapur union of Pirojpur which is close to Pirojpur town. One can easily avail a CNG from Pirojpur to visit the location.
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