Patuakhali Tourist Spots

There only a few locations in Bangladesh popular for both agriculture and tourist site seeing and Patuakhali is one of them. Even before the British ruled the Indian subcontinent, Patuakhali was a strategic bone of contention among local rulers due to its strategic location and easy defensive landscape. It was also part of the kingdom of Chandradeep during the 14th century A.D. Geographically the districts of Barisal borders the north side of this district: by Barguna in the west, to the south side Barguna again with the Bay of Bengal, Bhola to the the east. Patuakhali was established in 1892 as a district. The district is also called ‘Sagar Kanya’ (Daughter of the Sea) for the presence of Kuakata beach.

There are plenty of transportation services available from Dhaka to Patuakhali, but the condition of the road is very poor. Commercial highways to both East and West Bengal are connected by roads to Patuakhali. The distance between Dhaka to Patuakhali is 285 km which is should be 7-8 hour bus ride; but it takes longer. Most transport operators provide A/C, non A/C and deluxe coach services and fares range from BDT 430 to BDT 1200 depending on the coach choice. Due to having an in-land airport, air travel is restricted to commercial and private vessels only. Water transportation from Dhaka to Patuakhali is also possible. One can catch launch from Sadarghat to Patuakhali. Fare ranges from BDT 550 to BDT 1200 between single and double cabins.

Food & Transportation
Rickshaw is the main method of transportation but there is also auto rickshaws highly available. There is a tendency among the drivers to charge a very high price to the travelers.

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Tourist spots of Patuakhali


Kuakata Beach

After Cox’s Bazar, the number two tourist destination in the country is Kuakata. After being expelled from Arakan in the 18th century the nomadic Rakhine settlers started living here and growing settlements.Th word ‘Kua’ means well and ‘kata’ means to dig. The specialty of Kuakat beach is that a person can have unobstructed view of sunrise and sunset over the Bay of Bengal. How to go there? One can reach kuakata through waterway and bus. There are direct buses from Barisal city to Patuakhali. Once reaching Patuakhali, local transportation may be used for reaching Kuakata beach. One can catch a launch from Sadarghat to Patuakhali and from there avail local transport to reach there.
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Lebur Chor

Lebur Chor is a small but iconic location in Patuakhali district. Famous for the abundance of crabs, Lebur char is also a popular tourist site. A variety of trees grows in Lebur Char such as Keora, Geowa, Goran, Koroi, Golpata etc. Crabs are seen everywhere in Lebur Char As a result crab hunters keep hunting crabs at all time of the day. A bike ride is highly recommended if possible. How to go there? Like Kuakata beach, Lebur char is also located in Kuakata in Patuakhali. One can travel by bus to Kuakata and from their avail local transport to reach Lebur Char. Road transportation is the only medium.
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Kuakata Buddhist Temple

The statue of Gautam Buddha in the temple is the largest in South Asia. The wells dug around the temple are about 200 years old dug by Rakhine families when they were exiled here. Visitors can also buy different local items from the local Rakhines.= How to go there? The temple is located just 4 kilometers from Kuakata beach. One can simply take a rickshaw from Kuakata beach to the location.
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Razzak Biswas’s Snake Farm

Razzaq Biswas’s snake farm is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Patuakhali. In this snake farm, there are various breeds of snake farmed by the proprietor. The poisons collected from the farmed snakes are used for medicine making and medicinal purposes. How to go there? Razzak Biswas’s snake farm is not far from Patuakhali tow. It’s located on the outskirts of Patuakhali near Nandipara Bridge. One can avail a CNG or rickshaw to travel to the location.
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Sreerampur Zamindar Bari And Amar’s Mosque

Sreerampur zamindar bari and it’s adjacent Amar’s mosque are one of the most iconic tourist attractions of Patuakhali. The zamindars of Sreerampur were very generous and spendthrift, which can be understood from one look at their zamindar residence. The huge and decorated architecture of the house still inspires awe even today. The most are also beautiful, displaying post-Mughal architecture. How to go there? The two spots are not far from Noakhali Sadar. One can avail a local transportation called tomtom from Patuakhali Sadar to visit this place.
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Mirzaganj Mazar

One of the less renowned tourist attraction is the Mirzaganj Mazar. Built by the rich people of Mirzaganj, this mazar was built in memory of an unknown pir. There are many different stories regarding the establishment of this Mazar though there has been no concrete archeological or historical proof. How to go there? The location of the mazar is a bit far off from Patuakhali. One has to first take a local bus to Subedkhali. Once Subedkhali has been reached one can avail local transports to go to Mirzaganj Mazar.
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