Panchagarh Tourist Spots

The uppermost district of Bangladesh and in the Himalayan district, Panchagarh is known as the tip of Bangladesh. With beautiful scenes and panoramic views, the district is the neighbored on three sides by India and the remaining side by Dinajpur, Thakurgaon and Nilphamari District. The side was famous for the fortifications that were once built for the protection of the defense base of the olden days. The district is rich with history from geography to warzones. The district is still famous making it a timeless travel destination.

There are several options for travelling to Panchagarh from Dhaka. There are roadways, air ways and rail ways as well. All the mediums offer great ease and offer regular services. The road transports have bus services which start from Gabtoli Bus Terminal of Dhaka. After every 1 hour there are bus services waiting where the notables are the Nabil Paribahan, Hanif Paribahan, Shaymoli Paribahan and Bablu Enterprise. They have both A/c and Non A/c Services where price ranges from BDT 500 to BDT 1500. The train services are also famed for the convenient travel they offer. There are no direct train services from Dhaka to Panchagarh and those travelling by train have to take commuter train from Parbatipur at around 04.10 pm and 06.30 pm every day except Monday. Since it is a commuter train the fare starts from BDT 10 only. One can also take air to Panchagarh but there are no internal airports in Panchagarh. If anyone wishes to travel by air, they have to first arrive in Saidpur Domestic Airport of Rangpur and then travel two hours to Pandhagarh Town. The flights that are available everyday are, US Bangla Airlines 151 & 153, Novoair 961 & 965 and Biman 493. The price for the flights startsfrom BDT 3000 to BDT 5000.

There are a few fruits and vegetables that are very famous in the district. Mango, strawberry, corn, peas and many other vegetables and fruits are cultivated here. Due to the delectable taste, these are very famous in both national and international markets.

Tourist spots of Panchagarh


Rock’s Museum

The initiative was taken by the former principal of the Panchagarh Government Women College in around 2000 to showcase the different rocks and sediments that are found in the district. He wanted to exhibit the geographical history of Panchagarh and hence established this museum beside the college. The college has almost 1000 different types of rock on display. How to go there? Since the site is in Panchagarh City, the local transports are available for the visiting it.
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Bhitorgarh Fort City

This is a city that was long lost during the times of Prithvi Raj when he lost in battle and started living in this part of the empire. He built this empire of 12 sq miles where there was an enormous lake and several ponds with many temples, forts and many other luxury infrastructures. The city was found in 1948 which is at the India – Bangladesh border where part of the city is on the other side of India Border. How to go there? The location is 15 km from Panchagarh Town where the travelers have to take national highway bus of Tetuliya. After arriving in a place named Board office, there are local services to the location.
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Banglabandha ‘0’ Point

‘0’ point is the highest location of Bangladesh which is at the old plain of Himalayas. Here is the number 1 union of Bangladesh, Tetuliya, which is also the land port of Bangladesh established in 1997. From this port there are business transaction to Nepal and Bhutan which gave the district a very new economical power. The location gets more amazing by the river Mohananda where there is a border in between. How to go there? There are local buses available from Panchagarh town to the location. The visitors have to visit Banglabandha first and then ‘0’ point.
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Kanchonjonghar Summit

The summit is one of the peaks of the Himalayan range which is always quite visible but is most clearly visible in October. The summit can be directly seen from Panchagarh Dak Bungalow. Also with the summit sightseeing, Mount Everest can also be seen with other Himalayan Mountains. Ideal time for sightseeing is during winter. How to go there? The location is 11 km off from Panchagarh Town where the local transports are available every day.
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Tea Garden

The tea garden of Panchagarh is one of the newest tea garden initiatives of Bangladesh which was taken after 1996. Since is falls in the plain of the Himalayas, it is ideal for tea cultivation which came into realization quite later in its history. Once a poor district, it now has gained much economical power due to the cultivation of tea. Interestingly this garden does not follow the traditional tea garden conventions; rather these are on flat grounds and on individual lands. How to go there? The gardens are in almost all parts of the district. Hence it would be wise to ask the locals which is the best location for sightseeing and help would be instantaneously offered for this.
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Maharaj Lake

The Lake is a very big and deep water body built during the times of Prithvi Raj. The lake is very close to the king’s palace which was build to serve his kingdom’s people. It was said that the king committed suicide after he lost a battle. How to go there? The location is 15 km from Panchagarh Town where the travelers have to take national highway bus of Tetuliya. After arriving in a place named Board office, there are local services to the location.
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Golokdham Temple

The temple is a serenely beautiful example of Greek Architecture which was built during 19th century. The temple is still active. How to go there? The temple is 12 km off from Panchagarh Town. Visitors can take the local transports to the destination.
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