Pabna Tourist Spots

Pabna is the southernmost district of Bangladesh as well as the starting point of the Indigo Revolution during the British rule. Initially, it was thought that the name Pabna derived from Punda, a ruling nation in the middle ages, but this theory was later discarded. Currently Pabna is renowned and popular for its diverse handcrafts and loom products. Some of the major rivers of Bangladesh flow through Pabna including the Padma, Ichhmati, Baral, Jamuna and Kortoya rivers. Pabna is mainly an agriculture based area, hence there is greenery everywhere. Though not very recognized among international visitors, Pabna still gets its fair share of local visitors.

The distance between Pabna and Dhaka is about 220 km. Road and railways are the primary mediums of communication with the rest of the country. By road, the journey takes about 5 hours while by train the journey takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. Before Jamuna bridge was constructed, ferry services were used between Nagarbari of Jamuna and Dhaka to carry across people and vehicles. Unlike most other districts, Pabna has no direct railway network from Dhaka. Previously there used to b a small airport in Ishwardi but currently it is not operational due to lack of influx of visitors via the air route. Common travel operators providing bus services from Dhaka to Pabna include Pabna Express, Shorkar Travels, Night Star, Ishwardi Express, Esha and Capital Service. Though water travel is available within the locality, there is no direct waterway network from Dhaka to Pabna. The average bus fare from Dhaka to Pabna varies from Bdt 250- Bdt 300.

Accommodation & Food
Pabna has very few hotels due to very small amount of visitors visiting the locale. Also Pabna has nothing culturally or traditionally remarkable in terms of food or delicacies.

Travel Destinations
Pabna has a variety of historical buildings and sites to make up for the lack of natural scenic beauty compared to other naturally resplendent areas of Bangladesh. Some of the most common travel and tourism destinations of Pabna are described in the section below.

Tourist spots of Pabna


Madhnagar Rath Bari

Madhnagar Rath Bari is renowned for being the largest Rathbari in the Indian sub-continent. It is also on e of the oldest Rathbari’s as well. The Bangla word ‘Rath’ means chariot in English. Hence Rathbari means ‘house of chariots’. It was established by Zamini Sundori Basak in 1867, the then Zamindar of Pabna. It was owned by the Zamindar of the greater regions of Natore, Shoilobala and Kalidashi who organized the major fairs and festivities. The zamindars of different regions also paid tribute and bore shared expenses of the Rathbari. Since the end of the British occupation in India in 1947 this Rathbari has been out of commission. However, in recent years there has been a revival of local public interest in the chariot races. How to go there? As its name suggests, the rathbari is located in Madhnagar. It is located in Madhnagar Union of Pabna. One can take a CNG to get to Madhnagar Union from Pabna and from there to the location by rickshaw.
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Handial Jagannath Temple

One of the oldest and historically significant temples in the Pabna district is the Handial Jagannath temple. It is a large structure that slowly narrows and tapers at the top. Inscriptions found inside the temple show that it was reconstructed in the late 15th century by a man name Prasad Bahabani. But based on the architectural styling and analysis it is solidly assumed that the temple predate at least a hundred years before the reconstruction. In recent years two new temples have been constructed beside the temple. There is also a small decorative chariot inside the temple. The temple is still active and is visited by many devotees and visitors. How to go there? The temple is located in Handial village of Chatmohor upazilla.This upazilla is a bit far from Pabna Sadar so it is imperative to take a bus to travel there to save the excessive CNG costs. Once the village is reached both walking and taking a rickshaw are viable options for reaching the location.
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Hemayatpur Mental Hospital

Hemayatpur mental hospital is the oldest and most renowned mental hospital in Bangladesh. Established during the British rule, it was the only mental institute to provide treatment for mental illness until Pakistan was established in 1948. Currently it is one of the most advanced mental condition treatment centre in the country. Certain parts of the hospital have been preserved and separated in the form of a museum. Visitors can visit this part of the museum along with the other parts of the facility. How to go there? The Hemayatpur mental hospital is located in the Pabna Sadar. This means that there isn’t any lengthy travel time involved. The hospital is located in Hemayetpur village of Pabna Sadar so a rickshaw trip is all that is needed.
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Tarash Zaminder Building

The Tarash Zamindar Bari is part of the Tarash Zamindar estate. The zamindar bari was built by the first zamindar of the Tarash name Vasudeb Talukdar. The nawab granted him the zamindar bari after its construction was completed. It was built in the 18th century during the British rule of Bengal. How to go there? The Tarash Zamindar Bari is located in the Tarash upazilla of Pabna. A CNG or rickshaw has to be availed from Pabna Sadar to reach the destination.
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