Noakhali Tourist Spots

One of the most iconic and colorful districts in Bangladesh is Noakhali. Bursting with cultural vibrancy and beautiful sights, Noakhali offers some of the most scenic tourism spots in Bangladesh. Incidentally, Mahatma Gandhi himself established a poorhouse (ashram) after the communal riots in 1946. Its original name was Bhulua, established in 1821. It was renamed Noakhali in 1868; Noakhali district was divided into three districts, namely Noakhali, Lakshmipur and Feni in 1984. Geographically Noakhali is outlined by Lakhshmipur and Bhola to the west side of the district, Comilla to the North side, the Bay of Bengal to the south side, to the east side Feni and Chittagong.

Blessed with excellent transportation systems on both land and water, reaching Noakhali is very easy. Noakhali falls between the well-developed Dhaka-Chittagong routes. The distance from Dhaka to Noakhali by road is 151 km, while the distance from Comilla and Chittagong is 95 km and 134 Km respectively. Buses are the main means of transport on road. There are multiple transport operators providing transport at reasonable prices. One can catch the 6 am or 12pm Ekhono Poribohon bus for Bdt.230 ticket fare. Econo Services provide premium transportation for Bdt. 350. The rail road route is also well connected with Inter-City train “Upakul Express” and Mail train “Dhaka Express” running between Dhaka and Noakhali on a regular basis. You can catch the “Upakul Express” train at 6 am in the morning or the “Dhaka Express” at 8:40pm.The local train that operates within the district operates between Noakhali station and Laksam Railway Junction stops at 7 railway stations- Noakhali (Sonapur), Harinarayanpur, Maijdee Court, Maijdee, Chowmuhani, Bazra and Sonaimuri. A fun fact here is that one part of Noakhali is separated from the mainland only reachable by water transport. Hatiya Island which is isolated from the mainland can only be reached by sea-truck, steamer and launch from Noakhali, Chittagong, and Dhaka respectively. You may take a Hatia bound launch from Shadarghat (Dhaka). It leaves in the late afternoon; around 5 pm. Get off at Tamiruddin (Hatia). Launch fare varies from Bdt.300 to Bdt. 1000.

Transpiration, Food & Accommodation
Auto rickshaw is the most common meted of transpiration within the city. The fares are also low and reasonable. There are also rickshaws and CNGs available.
People of Noakhali are well regarded for their pithas and Muri-ghonto. In the right season don’t waste the chance of tasting delicious Pithas such as- Bhapa, Jhal pitha, Khejur pitha etc. Muri Ghonto is a Bengali cuisine cooked with Dal and fish; the Noakhali people use different exotic spices and take to a whole new level. The cost of food in restaurants is not very high, iti is actually quite reasonable unlike Dhaka or Chittagong.
Al-Amin Guesthouse is a popular hotel near Maijdee. The Government Circuit House is also at Maijdee. Some additional accommodations are provided below,

Travel Destinations
Noakhali has lot of beautiful destinations to visit. The sights that are a must for tourists and travelers are,

Tourist spots of Noakhali


Nijhum Dweep

Also known as Chor Osmani, Baluar Char and Golden Island, this is one of the most iconic tourist spots in Bangladesh. Initially a cluster of islands (Ballar Char, Kamlar char, Char Osman and Char Muri) it emerged in the early 1950s as an alluvium in the estuary of the Bay of Bengal. In accordance with a deforestation program in 1974, Nijhum Dweep now cover’s a 9000-acre area of flora and fauna. In 1979 it was named Nijhum Dweep by former minister Amirul Islam Kalam for its isolated nature. Its real scenery blooms in winter when thousands of Migratory. How to go there? One has to go to Nijhum Dweep availing services of ferry or launch from Noakhali.
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Bazra Shahi Mosque

Bazra Shahi mosque is one of the major archeological testaments of the Mughals in Benga. Amir Sanaullah, the owner of Bazra Jaigir started the construction of Bazra Shahi Mosque' in the pattern of Tajmahal in the year 1134 of the Islamic calendar. In 1922, late Ali Ahmed, the Jaminder of Bazra, plastered the whole exterior of the mosque with pieces of China clay, which greatly enhanced the beauty of the mosque. How to go there? Bazra Shahi Mosque is located 8 miles from Maizdee Court, the district headquarters of Noakhali. One can reach there by availing rickshaw, CNG or local transport.
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Queen Luther’s Catholic Church

One of the oldest Catholic church’s in the country, it was established in 1958. Main attractions include a cemetery containing numerous cross, a giant statue of Jesus Christ, flower garden, spectacular ponds, mission school, Charitable Health Center, Crafts Center are also seen beside the Church. How to go there? Being located in the sadarupazella one can avail local transports like rickshaw, CNG etc to reach the location.
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Gandhi Asram

Established by the great Mahatma Gandhi in 1946 after the communal riots it’s a place of historical significance. Gandhi stayed for about four months in the riot-stricken areas. He started moving around the villages and motivated the people towards his peaceful coexistence and non-violence philosophy. The current headquarter is located at Jayag, Sonaimuri. How to go there? Gandhi Asram is located near Bazra Shah Mosque, so local transport will suffice to reach here.
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Noakhali Public Library (1895)

Established in 1895 this is one of the oldest libraries in Bangladesh pre-dating the 1947 partition and surviving our Independence war. Once a comprehensive knowledge base of it’s time, it’s now chiefly a tourist spot. How to go there? Since it’s in close range to the Sadar, local transportation mediums like CNG and rickshaws will suffice.
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Birshrestha Ruhul Amin Memorial Museum

This museum was established after the war of liberation in 1971 to honor the memory of BirshresthaRuhul Amin who saved a lot of lives in a naval incident. Mostly comprising of wartime memorabilia and artifacts, it’s a dainty place to pass time. How to go there? Since it’s in close range to the Sadar, local transportation mediums like CNG and rickshaws will suffice.
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Triangle Lake

Located near Noakhali girl’s school, this is an underappreciated natural beauty spot of Bangladesh. One can easily pass a pleasing evening here watching the sun set. How to go there? Since it’s in close range to the Sadar, local transportation mediums like CNG and rickshaws will suffice.
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