Netrokona Tourist Spots

Featured numerous times in legendary writer Humayun Ahmed’s novels this city bears the combined flavor of agricultural Bangladesh and modern day contour. There are not many traces of heritage or glory related to the ancient Bengal but currently it holds an important strategic position that furthers the economic development of the country. There are mines for white ceramic found and there also possibilities of getting the next land port around its border. Geographically Netrokona is surrounded by Mymensingh, Kishoreganj, Habiganj and Sunamganj districts and is also sharing its border with the Meghalaya Province of India.

There can be two ways to reach Netrokona from Dhaka, by road and by rail. Dhaka is almost 162km away from Netrokona and the available bus services are Rof Rof Enterprise Private Limited and Ena Paribahan which are the most notable and are providing services from 06.00am till 07.30pm with fares ranging from BDT 150 to BDT 250. Train services are also available but the schedules are mostly stoppage based. There is only one direct train service from Dhaka to Netrokona which starts everyday from 02.00pm and is known as Haor Express. The fares are mostly from BDT 250 to BDT 500.

Sweetmeats are famous in Netrokona where ‘Balish Misti’ is the most famous sweetmeat found. This are basically sweetmeat which are large in shape almost 6 to 8 inches long and is in shape of Balish (pillow).

Tourist spots of Netrokona


China Clay Hills

The attractive part of the site is the blue lake that has formed naturally. Despite the clays are mined commercially but the quality of the clay are not with global standard. Therefore for its beauty, it has turned into tourism site. How to go there? The site is in a very remote area and there are no direct transports available. Travelers are asked to have their own transports or they can rent CNG from the Netrokona town.
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Boyal Bari Fort

This iconic site is the remains of once Bengal Sultan Hussain Shah. It was built in the 15th Century AD and the remaining terracotta are the beauty that attracts the tourist in this place. How to go there? There are direct bus service from Netrokona Town to the site. The fares depend on the type of services taken as there are both local and counter services available.
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Komola Rani Lake

This is another lake build during the times of Hindu reign over this part of Bengal. This lake was named after the times King wife’s name who was extremely religious and wanted privacy during her personal water usage times. How to go there? Going to the place can be made by rickshaw as the site is near the town. It is 1.5km away from the town.
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Queen Mother Rashmoni Memorial Monument

Queen Rashmoni was a leader for farmers during the late 19th century when there was a scarcity of necessary farming items and materials. She made many impossible things happen and after she died, the locals first built a monument later it was modernized by the latter governments. How to go there? The site is in remote area of Netrokona and there are no direct transports available. First visitors have to go by bus from Netrokona Town to Durgapur Upazilla and then they have to take local transports from the bus stoppage.
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Garo Hills

The hills are in the border of India and are a perfect flora and fauna leisure spot for everyone. The hills, waters and greeneries are just a splendid site to visit. The place falls under the Durgapur Upazilla. How to go there? From Netrokona Town there are bus service available till Durgapur Upazilla but from the Upazilla there is first local transport till the hill valleys and then tourists have to hike up the mountains.
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Birishiri Cultural Academy

This is a cultural academy in the Durgapur Upazilla. The Academy comprises of different cultural activity which engages people throughout the year by taking classes or seeing the performances. There are also residential and canteen facilities for the visitors. How to go there? Travelers have to go to Durgapur Town from Netrokona Town and the academy is in the Durgapur Town. The services are direct from the Netrokona Town.
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Seven Martyr Memorials

The memorial is on the valley of the Garo Mountains which is basically the tomb of seven martyrs who fought during the 1971 liberation war. The place is famous for its memorial structure and also for the serene beauty around. How to go there? There are direct bus service from Netrokona Town to Durgapur Upazilla and local transports from Durgapur Upazilla to Kolmakanda where the memorial is situated.
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