Narsingdi Tourist Spots

Narsingdi district is another close district to the capital city Dhaka and the distant is 50km approximately. The district has the popularity of the textile industry of Bangladesh and is bordered by Kishoreganj, Brahmanbaria, Comilla, Narayanganj and Gazipur. And as with water bodies surrounding it, there are Mehgna, Shitalakhya and old Brahmaputra River surrounding by it. It has the legacy of 3000 years old ancient ruins which is yet to discover and have the history of the Bangladesh liberation war as well. Narsingdi was the first district in Bangladesh to attack the Pakistani offenders and start the Bangladeshi part of liberation war.

Travelling from Dhaka to Narsingdi can be made by rail and roads. For rails there are no direct Narsingdi services but trains drop by passengers when they pass Narsingdi. There are 10 stations all over the district but not all the trains are stopping to every station; there are schedules of trains for the stations respectively. But there is a twist in the services taken, the trains which titles ‘Mahanagar’ only stops by the scheduled stations and out of this, Titas Commuter and Egaroshindur serving Brahmanbaria also serves the selective stations respectively. On for the bus services, there are services of both A/c and non A/c buses where the notables are National Express, Monohardi Paribahan, Anna Super Service, Swapna Bilas Bus Service and they and they depart from Saidabad Bus Terminal. Another of the bus terminal Mohakhali departs buses named PPL Paribahan, Chalonbil Paribahan, Arab Paribahan, Badshah Paribahan to Narsingdi. The cost of the tickets varies from BDT 120 to BDT 250 depending on the type of bus one is to take service on.

Tourist spots of Narsingdi


Wari Bateshwar

This is an archeological site where the ruins are from an unknown dynasty. Currently there are only few of the currencies found of that time and jewelry pieces of the time. More of the sites are extraverted recently. How to go there? The spot has to be reached from Belabo Upazilla which is by local transport. Journey to Belabo Upazilla has to be made by buses from Narshingdi Town.
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Girish Chandra Sen Residence

The house is a reminder because of the person’s popularity of translating Quran in Bengali language. He was the first to translate it and with that he was a Hindu person. He was also known as the researcher to the Islamic Studies. How to go there? The spot is in the outskirt of Narsingdi Town where the local transports like auto rickshaw and CNG are ideal transports to go.
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Martyr Motiur Rahman Residence

The home is one of the bravest martyr of the 1971 civil war. Motiur Rahman was famous for his roles and ethnicities in the war. How to go there? The spot is bit far from Narsingdi town and going there can be made by CNG or local buses.
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Dream Holiday Park

The Park is an amusement park on the Dhaka Sylhet highway but in Narsinghdi district. It is famous for its rides and the greenery and is the only amusement park in the district. How to go there? There are bus services via this park to different other areas and travelers can ride on the buses to take the service. From Narsingdi Town, one can also take CNG services but it would be bit far and hasty to take the ride.
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Danga Village

This is the village of the once landlords in Narsingdi District where there are 3 Landlord Palaces. This palaces are designed with elegancy, luxury and prestige where the largest is Kundu Shaha which is now in ruins, the second largest is Sudan Shaha where the landlord’s descendants are currently living and Laxman Shaha which is the most beautifully designed palace with the times modern architectures and all sorts of luxury. How to go there? There are CNG services from Narsingdi Town’s Panchdona Road to Danga Village where after arriving travelers have to take rickshaw ride till the palace areas.
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Belab Bazar Jame Mosque

This mosque is a three hundred year old mosque which was built by the times landlord Mahmud Bapary. This mosque had a beautiful and unique structure back then which had 7 domes and by miracle by passers used to hear Quran recitation when there was no on present in the mosque. With time the mosque was renovated and now the current structure of the mosque is totally different with the blend of modern architectures. People from neighboring locality and neighboring districts visits this mosque for Jumma and Eid prayers. How to go there? The spot is beside the district’s national highway and it is suggested to take highway transports from Narsingdi Town and soon after arriving on Baroicha Bus stand, there are CNG services available from the bus stand to the spot.
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Shonaemuri Tek

The spot is basically a spot of natural beauty and hills and valleys. The popularity of the spot is because of the red soil that it is made up with and alongside the beautifully made straw hut by the locals. There are also parks and picnic spot around the vicinity and people all near the place visits this spot. How to go there? The spot is beside the districts national highway in the Shibpur Upazilla of Baghab Union and any highway local bus is available to take the travelers to the destination. For better viewing the hill, after departing in the Kundapara bus stand inside Baghab Union, there are also rickshaw services directly to the spot.
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