Narayanganj Tourist Spots

This is the nearest city of all the urban cities of Dhaka and is located beside the Shitalakhya River. There are immense histories of different reigns and kingdoms ruling over this place, Narayanganj also have the ruins of the first capital of Bengal, Jahangirnagar. This area was basically built during the British era for industrialization and with time this is the most industrial important zone of Bangladesh where Naraynaganj also have the glory of building first jute mill of the country. The name origin was basically from a famous Hindu leader known as Laxmi Narayan Thakur who later donated much of his areas to the locals for improvements and developments during the British era.

Narayanganj is known as the part of Dhaka city and is the nearest city from Dhaka. Enriched with the history along with Dhaka, there are available transports from Dhaka to Narayanganj. Transports are mostly local from Dhaka as there are regular visitors in between these two places but for accommodation comfort, Bangladesh government have launched A/c buses under BRTC and they are the only modern communication now. Some famous local buses can be Uthshob, Thikana, Shitalokhya and many others. The fares are between BDT 30 to BDT 70 and along with that, there are also CNG, Human Howler and Rickshaw services too. The fares here depend from transport to transport, with the least of BDT 10 to BDT 50. There is also trains and Demo train service from Dhaka to Narayanganj which is known more as local trains of Narayanganj giving services after every 20 minutes. There are also river routes from Dhaka by Sadarghat River Port which transport mostly of small trawlers and launches to Narayanganj. There are no air routes from Dhaka to Narayanganj.

There are no star rated hotels in Narayanganj and the hotel services are not up to mark in relation with their neighbor Dhaka. Tourist mostly returns to Dhaka for which there wasn’t much boom in the hotel industry. Despite that there are governmental services and are mostly government houses and bungalows. Some notables are Daak Bungalow and Langolbanda Daak Bungalow and Upazilla Parishad Bungalow. The rates are not defined but mostly vary in between BDT 200/- to BDT 500/-

Tourist spots of Narayanganj


Mary Anderson

It is a floating restaurant and bar from Bangladesh Tourism Board and on Buriganga River. Along with dining, anyone can enjoy staying there overnight by renting any of the listed A/c rooms and can also rent room on hourly bases. It is said to have the serene view of the Buriganga River and is hovered on the British Build Dock. How to go there? Local transports are available from Narayanganj town to the location and it is only 3 km away from the town.
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Bangladesh Local And Handcraft Museum

The destination is at Sonargaon Upazilla of Dhaka Chittagong Highway. It is basically the ancient ruins of the Bengals first capital Jahangirnagar. Along with the ruins, new architectures are made where the Bangladesh local and handcraft museum is being situated. The area is often engaged with different cultural and festival activities, How to go there? It is almost 2 km from Narayanganj Town and the local transports are easy available to the destination.
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Satgram Landlord Palace South Pond

The ruins are dated back from British reigns in Bengal and this pond is famous for its beauty and the palace that it is surrounded by. It is almost 2 century old pond. How to go there? The location is on the Dhaka Sylhet highway which results in highway transport services and buses which departs from Naraynganj City and goes to different locations via this spot.
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Sri Sri Loknath Brahmachari Asylum

This is one of the Hindu pilgrim area in the Bangladesh and is famous for almost century old Bokul Tree. The site was categorized like this because of the Hindu preacher who was burned beside the temple in the asylum. There are also ponds and barren fields surrounding the asylum which was used by the pilgrim people visiting this place. The asylum is here since 1297 and every year of 19th Jaestho of Bengali year veneration is organized by the place. How to go there? The spot is located 35 km off from both Narayanganj and Dhaka Chittagong Highway and the local transports along with highway buses are available for going to the place.
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Gias Uddin Azam Shah Shrine

The shrine is the tomb of one of the Islam preachers in Bengal who was here during the Sultanate Reigns. It is the Sonargaon Upazilla of Narayanganj District and is beside the Magh Lake. The tomb is made of black marble and the history of the ancient Bengal is embedded around it. The tomb is dated back in 1407. How to go there? The highway transports via Sonargoan to Dhaka is ideal transport mediums for the travelers to visit the place. There are also local transports available from Narayanganj city to the spot but are mostly CNGs as other transports are not encouraged to use due to its location beside the Dhaka Chittagong Highway.
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Shonakanda Fort

The fort is on the other side of the Shitalakhya River which was built during the Isha Khan Reign. The fort was built to protect the army during the war. It was damaged several times and reconstructed as well and the fort still remained in its shape. How to go there? Travelers have to go to launch port by local transports and then cross the river from 2nd launch deck. After the crossing the river the rickshaw are the next mediums to reach the fort.
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Zinda Park

The Park is a park of natural beauty, flora and fauna and with lakes and birds tweeting all around the year. It is in the Rupganj Upazilla of Narayanganj District and is famous for its green serene beauty. How to go there? The Park is on the out skirt of Narayanganj and local transports like CNGs and auto rickshaws are available to go to the place. There are also local buses till Rupganj Town where the spot is on walking distance.
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