Narail Tourist Spots

Located in Khulna, which is one of the most prominent divisions of Bangladesh, Narail was once one of the richest districts in the area. Narail takes its name from one of the landlords of the time. The name and fame of Narail were so widely spread by the British that the British themselves chose to lead their luxuriant lives here in Narail. The current state of Narail is not as important or affluent as it used to be. It is mainly agricultural and the district is neighbored on the south by the Magura District, north of Khulna District, with the Faridpur District and Gopalganj District on the east, and Jessore District to the west. The most iconic information of Narail is that almost 10 acres of Sundarban Forest is in Narail marking the entry-point for tourists visiting the forest.

There are two methods to travel Narail. There are road transports and air transports. Beginning with the air transports, this method is the expensive route to the district. But matter of inconvenience is that there is no airport in the district, the nearest airport is in Jessore district which is almost 2 hours of journey. There are regular flights of US-Bangla Airlines 121, 123 and 125, Novoair 941 and 945 and Biman 467. The price range of the flights is from BDT 1500 to BDT 3000. Turning to the road transports, there are facilities of both A/c and Non A/c services. The price ranges from BDT 400 to BDT 1500. The services are Eagle Paribahan, AK Paribahan, Saad Super Paribahan and many more. The airplanes leave from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport of Dhaka and bus services depart from different locations of Dhaka city.

Narail is famous across the country for its fish – not only for the fact that the district is replete with supplies of fish, but also for the sheer variety of fish that are available, and also for the special methods of preparing cooked fish that are unique to Narail.

Tourist spots of Narail


Sultana Complex

This is complex formed based on the memories of the famous Bangladesh painter SM Sultan. His work and crafts fill this complex and with the immense beauty of the flora and greeneries all around combine to create an artistic getaway. One visiting the place can also visit the tomb of the painter and his paternal home is also nearby. How to go there? The location is proximate to the Narail Town hence the local transports can take the visitors there.
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This is the stairway built by the Chitra River for ease of reaching water. It is iconic for its construction of pillars and rooms which is for multipurpose use. The landlord of the time made this stairway also so one may sit and indulge in the profoundly beautiful view of the river. How to go there? The location is near to the Narail Town hence the local transports can take the visitors there.
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Arunima Country Side And Golf Resort

This is a private resort built for the tourism sector in the district. It is in the joining point of the Madhumoti and Nabagnaga River where the resort is also filled with different tree orchards. There are also fishery projects in the resort where everyone is welcome to visit. The resort is in Kalia Upazilla of Narail in Naragati area. How to go there? Visitors have to take highway or local transports from Narail town to Kalia Upazilla Town where local transports are available to the location in Naragati.
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Narail Victoria College And Collegiate School

The educational institution was formed by the landlord of that time in 1858. The oldest and model school of Bangladesh, this institution has seen generations of the national education system and transitions in the country’s rule and hierarchy. How to go there? The school is in the heart of Narail town, hence the local transports can get the visitors to the school easily.
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Narail Palace

The landlord’s palace is in ruins and yet it is still beautiful and attracts lots of tourist every year. Local governments have taken the initiative to restructure the site but almost 80% of the site cannot be recovered. But anyone visiting the site can still feel the royalty and luxury that the Hindu lord had at the time. The lord left his beloved palace during the time of India partition in 1945. How to go there? The palace is in the heart of Narail town, hence the local transports can get the visitors to the school easily.
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Kalia Palace

The palace is in Kalia Upazilla of Narail and the name has been derived from the Kalia palace. Originally built by another landlord of Kalia, this property was huge with many temples, ponds and gardens. How to go there? The site is in the Kalia Upazilla hence both the highway transports and local transports are available there.
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There are parts of Sundarban that fall within Narail and can be iconic spots for visiting at daytime. Deer, monkeys and different species of birds and lizards can be seen in the forest zone. How to go there? There are highways transports available to the location, but one should contact a tourist guide, local or from Dhaka, to help explore the site more.
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