Mymensingh Tourist Spots

This is one of the largest districts in Bangladesh and is also the division head of the Mymensingh Division. The name origination of this district is pretty interesting as the district got its name from a local famous Islam preacher and ruler Momen Shah. After his name, Momenshahi District was named and later the name was converted into Mymensingh as there was little confusion over it.

Mymensingh City is located 120km off Dhaka and is one of the oldest districts of Bangladesh divided by the British East India Company in 1787. The district is that old that it preserves the history of many generations of Bangladesh and where the district was once known as a secular district of Bangladesh in an early 20th century where it became Muslim oriented later that century.

By geography, it has neighbors of Gazipur, Tangail, Netrokona, Kishoreganj, Sherpur, and Jamalpur. The district also has a neighbor as Meghalaya of India and Brahmaputra river flows by with mountain terrains and forest dispersed in many places.


There are two-way communications directly to Mymensingh District. There is a railroad and as well as land roads. There is only one train service from Dhaka to Mymensingh known as Isakhan Express which departs for Mymensingh at 11.35 am but there are also other train services from Dhaka but the services are linked with other neighboring districts. As for road transport, maximum of the transports are local and are departed from Mohakhali bus terminal. The charges vary from BDT 60 to BDT 150 but there are few buses which specifically leave for highway journey purpose and are not local. Few of them can be like, Shoukhin Paribahan, Alam Asia, Ena Transport Private, Dreamland, etc. This medium starts from 5.30 am till 9.45 pm and the costs depend from BDT 120 to BDT 250.

Tourist spots of Mymensingh


Nazrul Memorial Center

The center is in Trishal Upazilla of Mymensingh and it is built to resemble the memory of our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. There are different artifacts of the poet preserved there. How to go there? There are few local buses going to Trishal but most people departing from Mymensingh Town to Trishal takes rickshaw or van rides which are available transports of Mymensingh town.
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Shoshi Lodge

This is a rebuild of an ancient structure by once powerful Landlord Maharaja Surbakanta. It was named after his adopted son Shashikanta Acharjya in the mid 19th century. But after the 1874 earthquake in Bengal, the house was knocked and later it was rebuilt again. It had a saying that the stairs to the house has a musical attached to it and when someone would walk up the stairs, there would be music played then by the vibrations. This installation was then bought by the landlord from Paris and it cost him one million taka at that time. How to go there? The palace is just in the town and any transport is available to be taken there. As for transportation, there is rickshaw, auto rickshaw, tempo and van as well to take the travelers to the destination.
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White Clay Mountain And Mine

This is the one of the few white clay mountain found in Bangladesh during Pakistan reign and this mountain has been converted to commercial mining in 1990. How to go there? The Mountain is 15km off from Mymensingh city and going there has mediums of buses only. There are no direct buses to go to the destination so the travelers get by bus and then get rickshaw to the place.
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The Garo Hills

This terrain is shared from Meghalaya India and has the serene beauty of greenery, flora and fauna. Despite the terrains are heavily restricted, there is still permission to go and explore the adventure. How to go there? Travelling to the terrains are surely not easily and it is asked to travelers to manage their own transport despite there are local buses to travel to the destination. Suggested by the locals, if someone is having weak heart, they are advised not to travel in the local transport and search for their own transports.
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Alexander Palace

The palace was built by the emperor Surjakanta Acharjaya in 1879 in the memory of his friend Judge Mr. Alexander and over 28 acres of land roughly. It has the architecture of the Greek times and there are few monuments of many Greek ladies made from marble stone. How to go there? The site is 30 minutes from the town and the easiest transport would be taking rickshaw. It might cost BDT 20 to reach the place from mid Mymensingh Town.
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Mymensingh Town Hall

Mymensingh City was believed to be a city full of culture and ecstasy and which got highly promoted during the time of the local zamidar (landlord). The town hall is the witness of that and which was built in 1887 and later extended and renovated in 1974. The town hall is still in operations and all sorts of activities go in through. How to go there? The hall is in the side of the city and the local transports are suggested to go to the place.
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Aladin’s Park

It is an amusement park and a picnic spot 20 km off from Mymensingh city. It is the only recreational spot for Mymensingh people who are situated on 25 acres of space and with 10 amusement rides. There are also different water rides as well. How to go there? There are direct bus service to the park from Mymensingh city. There are also local services found but the services are till Enayetpur Upazilla and then CNG or rickshaw has to be taken till the park.
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