Munshiganj Tourist Spots

Munshiganj, also historically referred as Bikrampur is one of the neighboring districts of the capital city Dhaka. The city is located just outside Dhaka city so traveling there is no hustle. Even though the city is not very well known for satisfying the thirst of veteran tourists yet the place could be a refreshing one day getaway for a soothing weekend.
The city is famous for some tourist places like Padma resort, Edrakpur Kella, Atish Depankar Pandit Villa are the famous tourist places and people from different zones come here to enjoy vacation or weekends. There are different accommodation facilities are available in Munshiganj. There are 10 hotels situated in different locations of Munshiganj, such as: Mawa Resort, Hotel 3 Star, Comfor in Residence etc. there are different packages are offered by the hotel owners and per day-night cost is around 1000 to 3000.

The district is around 56.1 km away from Dhaka so it usually takes a couple of hours to reach here in a motorized vehicle. Obviously private transportation can come handy to go there or move around the city. But if you wish to use public transportation you can find BRTC buses departing from Gulistan. The fare has been fixed at 70 taka per ticket so that could be a great transportation support. Also water transportations are available to go to Munshiganj and you can go there by using launches which depart from Mawa Ferry Ghat. The fare cost at launch should be approximately 50 taka.

Tourist spots of Munshiganj


Edrakpur Kella

In the center of Munshiganj Sadar Edrakpur Kella is situated and is the most famous tourist spot in Munshiganj with a majestic view and great historical appeal from the bygone Mughal era. How to go there? Munshiganj's sadar is adjacent to the old Court. Traveler can travel from Dhaka’s Gulistan by “Dhaka Transport" or "Transport dighirapara" to Muktarpara. In Muktarpara auto rickshaw is available and by auto rickshaw it will take only 20-25 minutes to go Edrakpur Kella and per head fare of auto rickshaw is 10 tk.
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Padma Resort

Padma Resort is one of the most attractive tourist places in Munshiganj and it is known as famous Eco resorts in Bangladesh and it will take maximum 2 hour to go that place. How to go there? For going to Padma resort the traveler have to go Mawa and from Mawa they have to take left and from there the distance is only 10 km to go Padma resort which is on the opposite of the river under Lauhajang Upazila.
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Baba Adam Mosque And Tomb At Rampal

Munshiganj is famous for Baba Adam mosque and tomb at Rampal which is on Kathala-tala, Rampal, and Munshiganj. How to go there? Munshiganj is near to Dhaka district and this tourist place is on MUnshiganj sadar and from Dhaka to Munshiganj Sadar it will take only 45 minute-1 hour depend on jam.But for visiting this Majar the traveler need to travel 5 km more from Sadar. Traveler can travel by road or boat but in both case this journey will take 2 hour. If they want to travel by boat than they have to go Sadarghat first then have to take launch and if they travel by bus then they have to go Gulistan. From Sadar they can take rickshaw to go to the Majar and the fare is only 25-30 TK.
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Panditer Bhita (Birthplace Of Atish Dipankar) At Bajra Jogini

Famous pandit Atish Dipankar’s birth place is also in Munshiganj and now his house becomes a tourist place which is on Vajrayogini, Sadar, Munshiganj. How to go there? To go to Panditer Bhita the traveler need to travel total 31 km from Dhaka which will take 1hour 15 minutes and they can take rickshaw or tempo from sadar to go to Panditer Bhita and ricjshaw fare is only 40-50 tk if they want cheapest transport than they can take tempo.
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Tomb Of Baro Aulia

Another attractive tourist place in Munshiganj is Tomb of Baro Aulia which is in Tetultola under Mahakali Union keoyara village. How to go there? From Dhaka to munshiganj sadar it is only 23 km but for going to Tomb of Baro Aulia they have to go 9 km more which will take total 1:30 hours from Dhaka. From sadar they can take rickshaw which will take only 35-40 tk to go Tomb of Baro Aulia.
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Rampal Dighi

As this Dighi is situated on Rampal union under rampal village in Munshiganj Sadar for this reason it is known as Rampal Dighi which is also known as locally “ Raja Ballal Sen Dighi”. How to go there? The distance from Dhaka to Rampal Dighi is only 28 km which will take only 1 hour from Dhaka. From Munshiganj sadar they can take rickshaw and which fare is only 35-40 TK.
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Mawa Resort

Mawa resort is another most attractive tourist spot for the tourist which is located on Mawa Ghat at Munshiganj. How to go there? From Mawa U-loop the traveler need to take right and need to drive near police post and from there they have to drive towards old Ferighat which will take only 1 hour from Dhaka’s Gulistan.
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