Meherpur Tourist Spots

Amidst the liberation war ravaged Bangladesh, a number of districts rose to prominence for various reasons. One of these districts was Meherpur which made immense contributions to the liberation war. In this district, the first government of Bangladesh was formed during the war from where all power emanated and all critical directions were issued. The country’s welfare was protected by the government from this strategic and administrative capital. The area where the government was established was and is still named Mujibnagar or City of Mujib. It is named after the father of the nation and the leader of free nation of Bangladesh, later also the president, Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

There is not many transportation services available for visitors to Meherpur. There are only bus services but even these are very limited. There are both A/c and Non A/c buses where the notables service-providers are SM Paribahan, SB Super Deluxe, JR Paribahan, Meherpur Deluxe and a few others. The fare for the transports starts from BDT 300 to BDT 1000 where the bus departs from different locations of Dhaka. There are no rail or air routes to the district.

Meherpur’s desserts are famous across the country and the most notable is the Roshkodom. The popularity of this sweet is such that it has stretched beyond the district and is now available in every district of Bangladesh. Along with that, the fruits and vegetation of Meherpur also rank among the district’s attractions as these are uniquely flavorsome.

Tourist spots of Meherpur


Mujibnagar Memorial And Amrakanon

This is a memorial site made for the remembrance of Mujib Nagar where there museums and different murals. These are all for the purpose of raising people’s awareness of the struggles of Bangladesh’s birth and instilling the sense of national pride so they may respectfully remember what it took to gain liberation from the Pakistanis. How to go there? The memorial is in Amrakanon Area which is 18 km from Meherpur Town. There are highway transports as well as local transport to this destination.
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Mujibnagar Liberation War Memorial Complex

The memorial complex is the combination of the liberation war moments where the temporary government verdicts, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s 7th march speech and all those memories have been preserved. There is also a monument to the memory of the place where the temporary government ruled the nation. How to go there? The memorial is in Amrakanon Area which is 18 km from Meherpur Town. There are highway transports as well as local transport to the distance.
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Siddeshwari Kali Temple

Details of establishment of the temple is remain obscure to this day but it is believed that the temple is several centuries old and during the British Era and the Liberation war, the temple was attacked. There was severe damage and destruction, but nevertheless, where the temple did not crumble. It was later renovated and now it continues to serve as a place of worship, where prayers are still conducted and festivals are celebrated. How to go there? The Temple is located inside the Meherpur Town so the local transports are adequate for visiting the place.
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Bhobonandopur Temple

Based on its appearance, one would assume that the temple is a Buddhist Pagoda but in fact it is a temple for adherents of Hinduism. The date of its establishment is unknown and today it is little more than a pile of rubble and debris. Nevertheless, there are portions of the temple that still resemble their former grandeur. How to go there? The temple is in Bhobonandopur Upazilla town. There are different transport options to the location and they are widely available.
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Meherpur Town Graveyard

The history of the graveyard is bit complex. There were few of the graves present before but the graveyard was made after 1993 by the initiative of the town’s mayor at the time. There were major renovations made and it was open for all. The site is beautifully planned and the greenery adds to its tranquil ambience. How to go there? The graveyard is located by the Meherpur Town side. The local transport options are adequate for visiting the yard.
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Town Eid Prayer Field

The field is the most recent addition to the Town’s facilities for the benefit of its dwellers. It is huge and there are fountains, different floral gardens with other different pleasant amenities. How to go there? The field is very conveniently located within the town where it is easy for the dwellers to travel any time they want. Local transports are widely available to the place.
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Aamjhupi Nilkuthi

Blue cultivation was once very famous in Meherpur and it drove much of the area’s economy from the late 19th century till the early 20th century. The kuthi which in English means building was established during 1815 and controlled much of the blue farmer’s cultivation. How to go there? The kuthi is 7 km from Meherpur Town hence the local transports can be used to visit the location.
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