Maulavibazar Tourist Spots

Maulavibazar is located in Sylhet division, in the north-eastern region of Bangladesh. It was named so in the honor of Maulavi Kudratullah, a famous religious personality of the region in the 17th century. It is a region of immense beauty and natural sights that can make any tourist impressed the moment he sets foot here. On the northern side of Maulivibazar lies Sylhet district; on the western side, it is bordered by Habiganj. On the eastern and southern sides, it is bordered by the Indian states of Assam and Tripura respectively. Unfortunately the district is often affected by floods, making it one of the most naturally volatile districts in Bangladesh, so a summer trip would not be recommended.

Maulavibazar has been one of the most popular tourist attractions of Bangladesh for a long time. As a result, the transportation methods for traveling to Maulavibazar are quite dependable and timely. Currently, there are two ways to travel to Maulivabazar; directly by road and indirectly by air. The road distance from Dhaka to Maulavibazar is 184.9 km. By air, the distance is 172 km from Dhaka to Sylhet. Most big transport operators like Hanif Paribahan, SA Paribahan, SR Paribahan, Ena, Greenline etc provide daily transportation services in between Dhaka to Maulavibazar. Bus fare ranges from Bdt. 380 to Bdt. 600 depending on coach of choice. Luxury and A/C coach services are also available. The air travel to Maulavibazar is indirect. One has to first travel from Dhaka to Sylhet by plane and from there used the services of a bus to reach Mualavibazar. The trip by plane is short, lasting around 45 minutes. The airfare for tickets ranges from Bdt. 3000 to Bdt. 5000.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
Traveling within the city is no problem as rickshaw, auto rickshaw and for traveling long distances buses are always available. The cost of traveling is quite reasonable.
Maulavibazar has no particular specialty in introducing their own food items but they are famous for producing the most wanted tea tree. Bismillah Restaurant is the famous restaurant in Maulavibazar and they cook delicious dishes, also the cost is very reasonable compared to many other places. They are also well regarded for the pleasant behavior of their waiters and you would want to dine here again. Parjatan Rest House is better option for staying because it is under government concern. The price range is also fair for travelers and the place is perfect to move easily from one place to another.

Travel Destinations
As mentioned before Maulavibazar is one of the prime tourist locations in Bangladesh. It has earned such distinction due to the numerous tourist attractions and tourist spots found inside the region. It is especially noted for the numerous pretty lakes and waterfalls that are sprawled all across the region. Some of the most popular tourist destinations are discussed briefly below.

Tourist spots of Maulavibazar


Lawachara National Park

The Lawachara National Park is one of the biggest natural parks and reserves in Bangladesh. Covering an area of 12.5km2, this park has a huge and varied ecosystem. The park has numerous tillas all across it and there are numerous streams running across the whole forest region. The most common type of trees found in the forest includes Quercus, Ayzgium, Ficus and Grewia. The common types of animals found are monkeys, baboons, deer’s and different types of birds. How to go there? The Lawachara National Reserve is located in the Kamalganj Upazilla of Maulavibazar. Therefore to go there one has to first travel by bus from Maulavibazar to Kamalganj. Upon reaching there one can avail one of the various local transports to reach the reserve.
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Hum Hum Waterfall

Hum Hum waterfall is one of the more recent popular tourist attractions in Maulavibazar. It was discovered in 2010 by the Razkandi Reserve forest. It is one of the longest waterfalls in Bangladesh with a total length of 160 ft. The adjacent natural scenery is very beautiful and tranquil. How to go there? The Hum Hum waterfall is located in Madhabpur in Kamalganj upazilla of Maulavibazar. To reach there one must first travel by bus from Maulavibazar to Madhabpur. After reaching Madhabpur a tourist guide and jeep must be hired to travel to the location.
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Madhabikunda Waterfall

Another popular tourist destination spot is the Madhubikunda waterfall. Popular as a picnic spot, this spot is ventured by locals and tourists alike. It has also the distinction of being the largest waterfall in Bangladesh at the length of 200 ft. The surrounding boulders and forest lend a serene beauty to this spot. How to go there? The Madhabikunda Waterfall is located in the Baralekha Upazilla in the Maulavibazar district. One has to first travel form Maulavibazar to Baralekha by bus and from there a rickshaw or CNG can be hired to go to the location.
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Hazrat Shah Mustafa’s Shrine

The shrine of Hazrat Shah Mustafa (R) is located in the center of Maulavibazar town. It was built in honor of Hazrat Shah Mustafa (R), one of the followers of Hazrat Shahjalal (R) who was the pioneer preacher of Islam in this region. It is a place of great reverence for the local Muslims. How to go there? Since the shrine is located in Maulavibazar town it is very easy to visit this place. One can simply hire a rickshaw to visit the location.
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Baikka Bil

Baikka bil is one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in Bangladesh. It is part of a bigger water body known as Hail Haor. This location is packed during the winter season with both tourists and the seasonal birds that emigrate here. There are lots of varieties of birds to be seen during the winter season. The open area of the Bil stretches for miles uninterrupted making the scenery astoundingly beautiful. How to go there? The Baikka bil is located about 2o km from Maulivibazar town. One can easily travel to the location by hiring a CNG or using local bus service.
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Hakulaki Haor

Hakulaki haor is one of the biggest marsh wetlands in Asia. It is also one of the biggest natural eco-system in Bangladesh. Like Baikka Bil, a lot of migratory birds also flock here every winter to escape the harsh conditions of their natural habitat. Hakakuli haor is also an internationally protected ecological area. How to go there? Hakaluki Haor is located at Baralekha Upazilla of Maulavibazar. The quickest way to reach the location is to travel to Baralekha upazilla by local bus and then avail local transport to visit the location.
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