Magura Tourist Spots

Magura is a southern district of Bangladesh and it is a part of Khulna. It is one of the most famous districts in modern times. It was established about 70,000 years ago and Mohammedpur district is the lower part of Magura. The name is thought by some to have derived from the name of a pirate called “Mog” and it was said that, at that time he used to live beside the Madhumati River. Others believe that since the rivers near Magura have an abundant supply of “magur” fish, the district was named after this fish.

The transportation system from Dhaka to Magura has become quite comfortable and cheap. The main transportation system is via bus. Buses frequently travel to Magura and so there’s hardly any limitations on travel times. There are many bus and transportation services to go to Magura and some of them are-Royal Coach, Hanif Enterprise, SP Golden Line, Shoukhin Paribahan, Shohagh Paribahan. All these transportation services leave Dhaka to go to Magura and their reservation processes are quite easy and the price is also reasonable. The cost starts from 300-taka up to 1000-taka. The cost is not negotiable. In most of the buses, there are air-conditioning facilities and also the seats of these buses are comfortable. As these buses are not local, not many people ride in these kinds of buses so these do not usually become crowded.

There are not many special or traditional foods in this district; people of Magura usually eat all kinds of food that are available in the district.

Tourist spots of Magura


King Sitaram’s Palace

King Sitaram Rar was the son of Imtiyaz Gupta who was the son of Chitra Gupta. Their palace is one of the most famous bus standpoints to reach Magura and this is the also easiest path. The palace of King Sitaram Ray is located at Rajabari in Mohammedpur Upazila on the north side of Mohammedpur Bus stand. How to go there? Local transportation systems are available here and rickshaw is the most convenient mode of transport.
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Dargah Of Hazrat Pir Mokarram Ali Shah (R :)

The dargah of Hazrat Pir Mokarram Ali Shah (R:) is located in a village of Isakhada which is on the north side of Dhaka-Khulna Highway. How to go there? There are buses and taxi services to get there but rickshaws can be more easily availed.
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Bhater Bhita

From Magura district, this village is situated on the south and south western side of the Gura sadar Upazilla. This is a place of worship and people come here with faith and hope, and they find this place to be serene and uplifting. How to go there? Bus is the only means of travel here.
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Sideshwari Math

Sideshwari Math is situated by the banks of Nabaganga River within the village named Atherkhada. In the ancient times, this place was known as Kalikatola Cemetery and this Math is famous as a monastery. How to go there? One can go there by rickshaw and by using the facilities of local transportation system that are available there.
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Shripur Landlord House

Sardar Ranjan Pal Chowdhury established the property ownership system in this place. Shripur and all its areas are under Shripur upazilla and under Jamindari area. How to go there? Bus is the easiest way to travel in this place and on the left side of Shachilapur there is the Jamindar House.
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Manmohan Mandir

Manmohan Mandir is a temple, which is situated beside the Nabaganga River. It is stands on the east side of Magura district. How to go there? To travel here, buses, tempo, and vans can be used.
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Hajipur Dr. Lutfar Rahman Memorial Library And Cultural Center

Hajipur Dr. Lutfar Rahman Memorial Library and Cultural Center is a place which is situated on the Jhinaidah road, east from Magura district. This is a memorial and also a library which helps all the school students to learn about this place. It has an abundant collection of books. How to go there? Local transportation can be used to go there.
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