Madaripur Tourist Spots

The district is named after Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar who was an Islamic Saint from the Middle East and visited this part of Bengal to preach Islam during 15th Century AD. Due to his contributions in this area, there are many similar structures to be found along with many of his ideologies are still intact in the area. The district was identified independently in 1984 where first it was a part of Bakerganj, later Faridpur and then finally in 1984 it was identified as an individual district. The district is surrounded by Faridpur, Munshiganj, Shariatpur, Gopalgonj, and Barishal. Major River is Padma River and there are several other big rivers as well like Arial Kha, Palradi etc.

Going to Madaripur is bit off road as there are no direct routes from Dhaka to Madaripur. The Padma River divided Dhaka from Madaripur and there are no direct bridges to connect these two places. Therefore either commuter has to go round Rajshahi to visit Madaripur or they have to take launch or ferry service from different points within Padma River or commuters have to take launch service from Dhaka Sadarghat. Launch services are MV Tarika 2 and MV Dipraaj 4 where their departure time is 07.45 pm every day and they cost between BDT 200 to BDT 1,000. But if bus services are taken, they have to face ferry services and the transport services are Chondra Paribahan and Sohel Paribahan where they have their trips starting from 06.30 am till 10.00 pm and the fares depends from BDT 150 to BDT 300. Lastly to note, Padma Bridge is under construction which is a revolutionary project for the district’s planning and development and it is in general that after the bridge is completed within 2018, the transportation system would change and there would be both on road and rail road transportation available for Madaripur District.

Tourist spots of Madaripur


Madaripur Lake

This iconic lake is manmade lake and was transformed from a barren land to lake during 1943. The reason was for lesser water supply around the city which is now currently a leisure spot for the town dwellers. The total area is almost 20 acres and important structures of the town are surrounded by this lake. How to go there? The Lake is just in the city so travelers can easily visit the city just by local transport.
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Raja Ram Temple

The temple was built in 17th century and was built by Hindu Landlord Rajaram Rai. The temple is still beautifully embedded by terracotta where the story of Mahabharat is enclave. How to go there? The site is near the town so local transports like rickshaw, tempos, CNGs are available to visit the place.
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Hazrat Shah Madar Shrine

There is no exact time found when the shrine was build and what use to happen in this shrine is still unknown. The shrine is currently taken care by the mosque society and there are currently another mosque and madrasha (Islamic School) built by this shrine. How to go there? The shrine is side by the city and the local transports are available to the destination.
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Arial Khan River

The River is one of the famous and most idolized tourist spot of the Madaripur Town. As the town is built by the river, people tend to visit to river for any reason where much of the recreation is also built surrounding the river. There are also boat ride facilities for the tourist but the landing port is bit far from the town sides. How to go there? As the spot is beside the town, local transports like rickshaw are mostly referred to be used.
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Khalia Shanti Kendro

The spot is basically a recreational spot comprising of fruit garden, 3 ponds and an ancient ruin of a Hindu Temple. How to go there? The journey can be made through bus from Madaripur Town to Rajja Upazilla where after departing in Teker Haat the travelers have to take van or tempo till the site.
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Parbat Garden

Once a garden full of flora and fauna with sounds from animals living, this garden was basically a part of a forest which was a hunting place for the kings and their officials. Currently there is nothing left like the ancient times but this is a very picnic spot for the locals and travelers around. How to go there? The spot is in the corner of the Madaripur Town therefore local transports are enough for travelling to the site.
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This is an unknown architecture from an unknown period of time. But from locals they claim the site to be aged more than the British Reigns and from the Moth Dynasty. How to go there? The site is on the outskirt of the Madaripur Town and therefore the local transports are enough to travel the site.
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