Lalmonirhat Tourist Spots

Located on the northern border of Bangladesh, Lalmonirhat is a district enriched with flora, fauna and most importantly, water bodies. Almost 40% of the district comprises rivers, lakes and other water bodies. This is district is geographically disadvantaged on many fronts, but nevertheless, it has flourished. Lalmonirhat is neighbored by Rangpur on south and west, Nilphamari on the west, Kurigram and India on east where north is occupied by India together. This district is famous for the enclave of India that it had kept till 2015 from the time of separation in 1945.

There are several methods to travel to Lalmonirhat but the most preferred option is the bus service. There is less hassle, greater availability and more options to move around and make flexible travel plans. The services that are available from Dhaka to Lalmonirhat include DR Enterprise, Dreamland, SR Travels, Manik Express and Shah Ali Paribahan. All the services have both A/c and Non A/c Services and they are start from Dhaka at different locations. The pricing for tickets fall between BDT 500 to BDT 1500. The buses are available all day from 05.00 am to 10.00 pm. Travelling to Lalmonirhat can be possible through train services as well but the complication of the travelling time where there is only one service available for the journey. The service is known as the Lalmoni Express which starts from Dhaka Kamalapur Railstation at 11.00 pm and where the fare is approximately BDT 400 to BDT 1500 depending on the choice of A/c or Non A/c services.

There are no special foods of Lalmonirhat but Pitha or Bengali Styled cake is among the most popular local delicacies. The village households are specialized in making the Pitha and so it’s very widely available.

Tourist spots of Lalmonirhat


Tin Bigha Corridor And Dohogram-Angorpota Chitmohol

This is basically an enclave of India which has been here in Bangladesh after the Indian Subcontinent separation. This enclave was formed by kings who decided to remain with India and Pakistan. It was after almost 67 years that the current government of India and Bangladesh made an exchange program and created a treaty to address the enclave issues. Now the enclave is under Bangladesh government and due to its fascinating history, it has turned into a tourist spot. How to go there? The location is bit off from Lalmonirhat Town but there are bus services available to the place.
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Nidarhia Mosque

The mosque is one of the oldest architectural sites in Bangladesh dating back to the 11th century AD. Built and funded by one of the Mughal nobles of the time, the mosque stretches across an area of almost 10 acres. The beauty of the mosque may have dulled with the onslaught of time, but its grace and elegance remain. Currently, the mosque is used by residents in the localities of the Lalmonirhat Town who perform prayers five times a day. How to go there? The location is in the Lalmonirhat Town, hence the local transports are adequate for reaching the mosque.
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Tooshbhandar Landlord Palace

The palace was constructed during the 17th century AD but the name of the palace does not derive from any person’s name, rather it has evolved from Toosh which is the foreskin of cereal that was removed in cereal processing. There was a storage known in Bengali as Bhandar, so the Tooshbhandar name came from cereal foreskin storage place. This material at the time was exported to different locations of the subcontinent with the help of the British invaders. Once the storage owner became affluent, he was titled as Landlord. The family lost its reign after 1935. How to go there? Travelers have to take the bus from Lalmonirhat Town till Kaliganj Upazilla where there are local transports to the landlord’s palace.
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Kakina Landlord Palace

The Kakina Landlord became a landlord in around 19th century exerting their immense power over the land and people. They built empires and states around the area but that soon fell under British rule and they had to leave all their belongings and flee to Karsian Darjeeling. How to go there? The location is 21km off from the town where there are highway transports till the location. Upon going to Kakina Upazilla, one has to take local transport to the location.
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Burimari Land Port

This is the land port to India which is the last of the land ports on this side of Bangladesh. It is notable due to its formation of almost 30 years ago and through which Bangladesh earns one of the largest revenues. Through this port there are always import and exports from India, Bhutan and Nepal where different products and human transports for various purposes. How to go there? There are highway transports available from Lalmonirhat town also train services are included to the location.
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Tista Rail Bridge

The Tista Rail Bridge is the 3rd largest known bridge in Bangladesh which was constructed during 1853 when British first introduced railway system to the Indian Subcontinent. It served the service till 1971 when the war caused damage to the bridge. After 1972 the bridge was maintained and was reopened for use. The bridge is iconic for its century-old structure where after 1978 it started to operate as Road Bridge as well. How to go there? The Bridge is linked to the Lalmonirhat Town directly, hence the highway transport as well as local transports can take any traveler to the location.
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6 No. Sector Burimari

6 no. Sector is the block made during the liberation war in 1971. It garnered its fame from its bloody history of intense war. How to go there? There are both road and transport mediums to the location from the Lalmonirhat Town. Highway transports and local transports are available to the location.
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