Kushtia Tourist Spots

Kushtia boasts the birthplace of many renowned literary figures of Bengali literature. In the north it’s bordered by Rajshahi, Natore and Pabna; in the south, it’s bordered by Chuadanga and Jhenaidah; Rajbari in the eastern side and Meherpur to the western side. Celebrated as the birthplace of Lalon Shah, Kushtia is also one of the most culturally significant regions of Bangladesh. It also hosts the residence of the world-famous writer and poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Kushtia has decent road and railroad transportation. The distance from Dhaka to Kushtia is a long stretch, with a distance of 248 km in between the two districts, with a travel time between 6-8 hours. There are multiple transport operators who provide transportation at reasonable rates. The most popular transport company for Kushtia is S.B Super Deluxe, having multiple coaches for the destination throughout the day, charging between BDT 400 -925 for A/C and non A/C coaches. To reach Kushtia by train is a bit more laborious as there are no direct train lines from the capital to Kushtia. One has to catch the Dhaka to Ishwardi express and from there transfer to the Ishwardi to Kushtia bound train. Communication and transportation have a tendency to break down during monsoon, so any trip plans to Kushtia at that time is unadvised.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
You can travel local areas of Kushtia by Rickshaws or CNG and fare is very much reasonable. There are also auto rickshaws available for pleasant traveling.
Kushtia does not have any famous or special food items. The regular and traditional food items are available in all restaurants of Kushtia and again price is highly reasonable.

The price range of the hotels is 400 BDT -1500 BDT. Hotel Pritom or Fair Guest House either could be a fine choice as they have better service quality.

Travel Destinations
As mentioned earlier, Kushtia is one of the more historically significant locations in Bangladesh compared to others. Though primary tourist attractions are the Shilaidaha Kutibari and Lalon’s shrine, there are also a few other places worth visiting for the sights. Some of them are mentioned below.

Tourist spots of Kushtia


Shilaidaha Kutibari

Built by Prince Darakanath Tagore, grandfather to the renowned poet and literary figure Rabindranath Tagore, Shilaidahakutibari boasts of a long and proud heritage. Mainly built as a leisure resort for the Tagore family, this was also built for the purpose of overseeing the Zamindari of the family. How to go there? Located 16km away from Kushtia town, one can hire a CNG or use the local transportations to reach there.
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Lalon’s Shrine

Located just 2 km away from Kushtia station, Lalon’s shine is the inadvertent pilgrimage location for the folk music lovers of Bangladesh. This is where Fakir Lalon Shah was buried and his followers built the shrine. There is a Lalon music fest on an annual basis to which thousands of people throng to every year. How to go there? Since it’s close to the rail station, one can easily avail a rickshaw to go there.
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Parimal Theatre

Parimal theater boasts being one the earliest drama base of Bangladesh. Established at the beginning of the 19th century, it was named after the son of the man who established the theater. Famous stage actors from Calcutta and India have performed here. How to go there? Located in Kushtia’s hub, one can avail either rickshaw or CNG to reach the location
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Tagore Lodge

Another initiative of the Tagore family, this lodge was established by Rabindranath Tagore himself in 1895 when he started doing business. This is where Tagore authored “Khanika” and many other famous literary works. How to go there? Located in ‘Millpara’ of Kushtia town, one can easily hire a rickshaw to visit this place.
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Hardinge Bridge

One of the oldest historical constructs in the sub-continent, not only Bangladesh, this bridge still stands strong even after a century. Spanning 1 km in length, this is a very beautiful structure and boasts being the second largest railway bridge in Bangladesh. How to go there? Since this a railroad bridge visiting options are limited to a train journey over the bridge or viewing from Lalon Shah Bridge, the bridge next to it.
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Mir Mosharraf Hussein’s Residence

In terms of writing historical epics, few authors were as talented as Mir MosharrafHussain. Famous for his most prominent work ‘BishadShindhu', the residence of Mir MosharrafHossain is also a tourist favorite. As of now, it resides a primary school, a secondary school, and a small library. How to go there? Located in ‘Lahinipara’ in Kumarkhali, one has to travel there by bus or hire a CNG to make the trip.
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JhaudiahShahi Masjid

One of the most beautiful reminders of Mughal architecture, this mosque was built during the times of emperor Shahjahan, pre-dating British Rule. Established by Shah Sufi Ahmed Ali it’s currently taken care by the Archeological department of Bangladesh. How to go there? Located in Jhaudiah, it’s not too far from the main town. One can hire a rickshaw or CNG to visit.
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