Kurigram Tourist Spots

Another of the northern districts of Bangladesh is Kurigram. Located by Bangladesh’s borders, its neighbor to the north and east is India, Gaibandha is to its south and Lalmonirhat and Rangpur District are to the west. The district is famous for its antique architecture. It is also renowned for its vegetation, flora, and fauna. The district is also notable as the site of rebellion against the English rule during the early 1900s.


There are no specialties of Kurigram as such. The array of pithas and different savory items available in other parts of Bangladesh are equally delectable here.


Bus and air services are available to Kurigram. The most easily available are the air routes but the most convenient option is the bus service. The common transport to Kurigram from Dhaka is bus but only a few services are available. The bus services are like Nabil Paribahan, Rajib Special, Rabeya Special and Hanif Enterprise. The price rates ranges from BDT 400 to BDT 1000 depending on choice of A/c or Non A/c services. There are no train routes to Kurigram where the flight to the district is bit far from the district town itself. The nearest airport to the district is the Nilphamari domestic airport where there are flights of Biman 493, Novoair 961 & 965 and US Bangla Airlines 151 & 153. They have regular flights from Dhaka to Nilphamari where the price varies from BDT 3000 to BDT 5000. The journey then from Nilphamari Airport to Kirugram is by highway bus or transports managed by privately owned services.

Tourist spots of Kurigram


Shahi Mosque

Estimated to be 200 years old, there is little information available concerning this mosque till date. Archeologists opine that the site is from the time of the Mughal reign where there used to be regular prayers every day. The mosque is in partial ruins now although its remains partly operational. There are lakes surrounding the mosque which have been part of its design since its establishment. How to go there? Travelers have to take highway or local transports till Rajarhat Upazilla where after the arrival they have to take local transport to the location.
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Chandi Temple

The temple is the second generation temple after the earthquake of 1897 where the original temple was built during the time of Mughal Rule. The temple construction dated back to the 17th century AD which is made in the style of Kali Temple. Kali is the name of one of the Hindu Goddesses and temples were built based on the God and Goddess to be established there. How to go there? The site is 3km from Kurigram Town at Dhamsreni Area. The local transports are available from the town to the location.
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Bhetorbondo Landlord Palace

The palace is famous for the time when the British Government arrived around the palace and converted a portion of palace into their office. Much of the places where their offices stood back then have been destroyed. The remainder serves as the office of the Upazilla officials. How to go there? The site is 16km off from Kurigram town to Durenageshwari Upazilla. The highway transports are recommended.
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Panga Landlord Palace Ruins

This once-beautiful palace started to fall to ruin during the times of British Reign. It is said that the palace was once vibrant and lively, and the landlord wielded great powers too. But after the landlord died and his wife took the chair, British government back then started to acquire the property which later causes the palace’s importance to diminish further. And soon the mistress succumbed to illness, the powers were all lost and then after her death, the palace began to crumble. How to go there? The location is 5km off from Kurigram Town where the local transports from the town can be taken to the site.
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Chilmari Port

The Port is on the banks of Brahmaputra River which is the 8th largest river of the world. The contribution of this river to the economy of Kurigram at the time of British Reign was immense. The port was built at the time when trading and travel were the main commercial prospects. But with the passage of time, the flow of the river has slowed, although the port is still active with small and medium sized trade. How to go there? The port and the river is 35km off from Kurigram Town. The local and highway transports can be taken directly to the spot.
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Panga Landlord Canon

Yes the canon is a live, once-used canon, genuinely for warfare. But since the time of the landlord, it has seldom been used. It is now no more than a decorative piece at the entrance of the Border Guard Bangladesh Kurigram Branch quarters. Viewing the canon, upon permission is possible. Visits to the quarters may also be allowed. How to go there? There are available transports from Kurigram town to the quarter.
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Dolomoncho Temple

The current condition of the temple is not well due to gradual disintegration. The temple was once riched with Brahman castes where there were regular prayers. It was built by the landlord Rani Shattayabarti. It was constructed during 17th century. It was severely affected by earthquake of 1897 and there was no repair or renovation made after the quake; since then it has been in ruins. How to go there? The temple is 3 km from Kurigram Town. There are local transports available at such a close distance.
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