Kishoreganj Tourist Spots

Located on the southern part of the country Kishoreganj is a part of Dhaka division. Even though the city is not considered as a tourist zone it still has some great historical landmarks bearing the legacy of Mughal Empire and medieval history & architecture.

Being one of the nearest districts from Dhaka, going to Kishoreganj is fairly easy and no hustles. The city can be reached either by road or railway. The distance between Dhaka and Kishoreganj is 100 km and a number of bus services are readily available. The popular bus services are Jolshiri, from 5.00 am to 7.00 pm, BRTC, from 5.15 am to 8.00 pm. Fares vary from BDT 150 to BDT 250 depending on the quality of the service (A/C or non A/C). As mentioned you can also enjoy a pleasant journey by train to reach Kishorjonj. The rail route starts from Kamalapur Rail Station Dhaka and the services are Egarosindhur Probhati starting at 7.00 am and Egarosindhur Godhuli starting at 6.20 pm. These are the only ways of getting into the city, there is no air or water route available. Within the city the best method of transportation would be rickshaw, easy bike and CNG.

Like the most non tourist zones in the country hotels in Kishoreganj do not have any star rates but few of the hotels in towns provide a decent service. There are also accommodation facilities in many of the remote places within the city and the services of the hotels are pretty good. The rates for the hotels vary from BDT 500 to BDT 1,500 only, and never lose your faith on a good bargain.

Tourist spots of Kishoreganj



The famous Rajput phenomenon Isha Kha, who is well regarded for leading Baro Bhuyan against the mighty Mughal Empire designated Junglrbari, also known as the Hazradi Porgona, as his second capital. Here the visitors will be able to admire the exceptional medieval architectural beauty of a fort and a mosque. How to go there? Take a CNG or easy bike from the main town to Dewanganj Market. Cost might be 25-30 tk/person. Once you reach the market you can just walk here.
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Sholakia Eidgah (Eid Namaz Field)

The 6.61 acre Eid Gah is located in the eastern part of Kishoregonj Town, considered the largest of all the Eid fields in Asia. Once it held a gathering of around 115000 people. The number translates ‘Shoalakh’ in Bengali and that is believed to be the origin of the name. How to go there? As this is inside the city, a rickshaw can easily take anyone there
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Poet Chandraoti Shiv Mandir (Temple)

This 16th century temple bears the legacy of legendary poet Chandraboti, who is famous for co-writing the great ‘Monosha Debir Vashan’ with her father in 1575. How to go there? The temple is 6 km away from Kishoregonj Town and can be reached directly by tempo or rickshaw.
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Egaroshindur Durgo (Fort)

This is one of the most historically significant places in the country where the historic battle between Mughal Commander Man Singh and Isa Kha took place. Located on the bank of Brahmaputra river this place once was a busy port as well. How to go there? It is almost 30 km away from Kishoregonj Town and the only medium to go to the destination is by local bus. There are several bus stands in the city that can be easily reached by rickshaws.
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Pagla Masjid (Mosque)

According to a local myth this mosque was built after the death of a mysterious man who suddenly appeared into the city and amazed a great number of locals with his spiritual abilities. How to go there? The mosque is in the heart of the Kishoregonj Town and the easiest transport is taking rickshaw. One can also choose to walk and go to the mosque.
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Delhi Akhra

This place was built during the era of Mughol Emperor Jahangir and still bears the bold traces of medieval Hindu architecture. This is one of the prime attraction in the district. How to go there? The destination is in Mithamoin Upazilla and the best method is to take the local buses to Mithamoin Upazilla Town and then hire rickshaw or just walk there.
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Haors are basically large permanent water body. They are semi filled most of the time of the year but during monsoon they get completely filled. This Haor in Kishorgonj touches Etna, Mithamoin and Ostogram Upazilla. How to go there? There are local transports available to the Haor area but for traveling in between Haor, there are boats available.
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