Khulna Tourist Spots

The third largest city and Bangladesh and home to the Sundarban mangrove forest, Khulna is internationally renowned. Aside from its cultural importance and bio-diversity, it’s also one of the major commercial hubs in Bangladesh Everyday countless water vehicles move in and out of Mongla port. It was declared a municipal council in 1884 and 100 years later a municipal corporation in 1984. On its southern side are Jessore and Narail, to the eastern side liesSatkhira, to the western side lies Bagerhat and to the north the famous Bay of Bengal. The city is in the northern part of the district and a major commercial hub.


Titled as one of the important locations of the country, the communications medium in Khulna is also strong. At present, one can travel by road, railway, and waterway directly and via airway indirectly. The N7 national highway connects it to most parts of the country, making it a common route for all transport operators. Popular transport operators like Shohagh Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Sheba Greenline offer A/C, non A/C and luxury coaches all throughout the day. Ticket fare varies from BDT 375 to BDT 1200. Sonadanga Bus Terminal is the main bus terminal in Khulna. The main metro railway station in Khulna is Khulna Railway Station. It operates express trains between Khulna-Dhaka, Khulna-Rajshahi, Khulna-Saidpur, and Khulna-Benapole. Train fares range between BDT 300 to BDT 500 depending on the compartment of choice. One can also avail steamer service from Dhaka to Khulna. Steamers are readily available from Sadarghat in Dhaka and the ticket prices range between BDT 500-BDT 100 depending on cabin choice in the launch. Also, indirect air travel is possible. Jessore Airport which is located 71 km from Khulna city is the only regional airport. One can land in Jessore and come to Khulna by bus or CNG. In the bus stand traveler will find available rickshaws and auto rickshaws the fare is very reasonable compared to Dhaka or many other parts of the country.


Khulna is famous for cultivating shrimp. The name of their traditional food is “Chui Jhal’ which adds an exotic flavor if cooked with mutton or beef. There has been a noticeable hike in the restaurant business in the city very recently. The city lacked even a quality fast food shop just a few years back but in the last few years, there have been some great restaurants Bistro-C, Citylight Caffee, Cityinn, Café Gungun etc.


Due to being a major commercial and tourist hub of Bangladesh, there are a lot of good hotels for accommodation in Khulna. Some of them are listed below for reference. The rent of the hotel range is from 250 BDT to 3000 BDT. Apart from the hotels mentioned above, there are many more top category hotels like Hotel Castle Salam, Hotel CityInn, Hotel Titan, Western Inn, Royal etc. Castle Salam and Royal are the most renowned hotels in the region doing business for a long time. Cityinn is a newly developed hotel yet their superior service quality has been very popular.

Travel Destinations
Khulna is a very diverse and fun place to visit due to the multitude of options available. Some of the more popular tourist sites are mentioned below:

Tourist spots of Khulna



Let’s start with Sundarban right off the bat. The biggest mangrove forest in the world and home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Sundarban is one of the main tourist attractions in Bangladesh. The natural beauty is amazing as the forest is filled with lush greenery. The treetops form an unbroken canopy, while nearer the ground, ebb and tide marked on the soil and tree trunks and the many varieties of the natural habitat of the forest have much to offer to an adventurous visitor. It’s also a UNESCO Heritage site. How to go there? There are no roads for traveling inside Sundarban. One has to visit this place by the launch services provided. To reach by bus one has to take a bus from Khulna to Koira, and from there visit Sundarban.
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Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

This bridge connects Mongla port to the rest of Bangladesh. During afternoons and evening, the sight from this bridge is mind-blowing. How to go there? The bridge is located just 4.8 km away from Khulna town. One can avail a rickshaw or CNG to reach this location.
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Rabindra Complex

Home to Rabindranath Tagore’s father-in-law, this location has been recently declared a protected archeological site by Department of Archeology Bangladesh. Rabindranath visited this place a few times in his life. Currently, it act’s as a mini museum and preserves the family possessions. How to go there? Rabindra complex is located in Dakkhinidi village which is 19km outside of Khulna town. One has to use CNG or travel by bus to reach here.
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Located on the banks of the Rupsha River, it’s a beautiful place to enjoy the natural beauty of Khulna. The bungalow is the property of the District Administrator. One has to obtain the DC’s permission to visit this place. Getting permission to visit is often easy. How to go there? One can use rickshaw or CNG to visit this location.
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Senhati is a famous location located in Dighalia upazilla of Khulna. It’s a place of immense natural beauty. Generally, it’s more favored by the locals due to being relatively less known. Despite not being popular, it’s a highly recommended place to visit. How to go there? The journey to Senhati is not a direct one. One has to go to Dighalia by bus, cross to the other side of the river and then avail local transport.
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Just like Senhati, Gollamari is another place of immense natural beauty not generally recognized. It’s better known for housing Khulna University. How to go there? One can easily go to Gollamari by availing a rickshaw or CNG from Sonadanga bus stand.
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Shait Gambuj Mosque

Another UNESCO heritage site, Shat Gambuj Mosque boasts intricate architecture and stands as a testament to Mughal architecture. It’s located in Bagerhat. Established by Khana Jahan Ali, it’s also one of the earliest Muslim centers for teaching in our country. How to go there? The mosque is in Bagerhat and it will be on the way to Bagerhat from Khulna. It can be directly reached by bus. You can easily take a bus from Sonadanga Bus Terminal. Be advised the Khulna-Bagerhat bus service is one of the worst in country. The road is fine but unnecessary long stoppages will make you irritated.
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